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  1. Historic Smith River Bridge

    Aerial Video shot for Acrow Bridge during their reconstruction of a historic bridge over the Smith River in Crescent City, CA by the Craig’s Creek Trailhead and Forks River Access and Boat Ramp.

    Watch video and read the story >>>


  2. Ron and Sue’s Oregon Paradise
    This video was shot for Ron Loynds and his wife Sue of their little piece of Oregon Paradise nestled along the Rogue River in Grants Pass, Oregon.

    Watch video >>>


  3. Here's a link to the PXL Media Studios real estate video show reel -
  4. We have created a unique structure for how we charge for real estate photography and videos, which is based on square footage of home (as well as any other living space such as guest house), property size and value of listing price. Although we've been told over and over by our real estate clients that we aren't charging nearly enough compared to what everyone else is charging, we have more work than we even know what to do with...hence the rapid expansion from 56 offices in 2015 to 260 by the end of 2018. The infrastructure of having a team of video editors on board has allowed for our franch