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  1. I filmed a few more shots, of activity near the lagoon (locals use the heat coming from the earth to cook some local dish specialties, but when I added those to the first edit, it didn't seem to flow well with the rest of the video, so I didn't include those shots in the final edit. There is a village near the lagoon with spa treatments using water coming from these areas.
  2. Shot this video while on vacation in the Azores a couple months ago. This is the Lagoa das Furnas, a lagoon on the eastern side of the main island of the Azores archipelago. Aerials were shot with the DJI Mavic Air.
  3. ? on the english as a second language ! It shouldn’t be a problem, the Azores are visited by many foreigners so people in restautants, hotels and landmark sites are used to speaking english. I’m creating other films of the Azores, I’ll post them here ik the near future so you can see. In the meantime I shared a few photos on instagram, if you scroll through my feed, you’ll see some of the sights I mentioned. i’m @nb_visual if you search for me there.
  4. Hi, this video was just focused on this landmark in the Island of Faial, which is one of the Azores islands. I have a few other videos on the backlog with views from the main island (Sao Miguel) and also from tbis one (Faial). As for flying a drone there, I didn’t have any issues and used mostly common sense. You can check This is the national aviation authority website for information on where you can / cannot fly throughout Portugal. Most places you can fly without any formal authorization as long as you are flying within the altitute limits and dista
  5. I've been experimenting with improving my storytelling skills and getting better at weaving a story on my videos. I shot this video during my vacation in the Azores, near the Capelinhos Volcano that erupted from the sea about 60 years ago. The video starts with a quick historic overview and then shows you what it looks like today. Aerials were shot with the DJI Mavic Air.
  6. With the weather improving here in Portugal, it was time to take the dust of my trusty Phantom 3 Standard and to fly with it. Hope you enjoy the video below, where I tried to capture the beautiful light at the end of the day by the ocean.
  7. Hi ! Thanks ! No, this was shot with manual exposure, but did have to make a few corrections in post in some of the overhead shots as the original footage was a bit overexposed. Also there's some light color correction / grading throughout the video to try to balance the colors of the Canon and the DJI drone.
  8. Last summer I hiked through an old roman route in the north of Portugal and found a beautiful 1st century Roman bridge near a river with natural pools. This short video captures sections of the trail and aerial views of the bridge and river. 
 Hope you enjoy !
  9. Hi, thanks for watching and for the constructive commentary. It is true what you say about the story. I do try to make more of the type of videos of mixing ground and aerial footage as I find it creates a more dynamic experience for the viewer. In this particular video, I didn't have anyone to film and also my DSLR was being repaired :). The horizon on this one was though. I calibatred the gimbal before the flight, seemed to be ok, but it was very windy at the altitude that I was flying, I think that contributed to some of the drift. I did compensate a little for that in post, by twi
  10. Last one of today's posts, shot a short video of a bank of sand dunes near a beach west of Lisbon, in Portugal. The beach near the sand dunes is called Guincho, near the village of Cascais.
  11. Shot this in September 2017. It is a video about a dam in the south of Portugal that is used primarily for supporting agriculture irrigation. I was surprised to see it completely dried out and was even able to drive inside the dam ! In January 2018 it's still empty.
  12. Shot this a few months ago during the summer, while hiking to the top of a 12th century castle in the North of Portugal.
  13. I was organizing and archiving my 2016-2017 footage and this idea of creating a short video with a message started to emerge. I eventually decided to give it a try, picked a text that resonated with me and then selected footage and music to amplify the message. The result is "20 years from now" ... check it out below and let me know what you think ! All aerials captured with a DJI Phantom 3 Standard.