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  1. Thanks @alanperlman. I know most of us are trying to pursue each building our own drone business but I think just as strong if not more is working as a unit. Hopefully working through forums, going to meets and conventions working all the angles will pay off and me as well as others will see the benefit of a good team.
  2. Interesting study. Kinda sad in some ways. I'm all about following rules and guidelines but this stuff with the FAA is getting tedious. I have been flyingredients for over a year now and have had my bumps in the road. I have applied for my 333 and am going on 2 months past due of their "promised time". I have a family to support so am I just supposed to sit and wait for it while they tell me "don't call us we'll call you"? I've lost tons of work because I decided to be obedient and continue working while others surpass me, make money, and build business with no 333. I am still waiting, spent $500 to get it done and by the time I get it 107 will be in effect. What part of this is fair? Am I in the wrong for believing this? Whew! Sorry got a little heated...
  3. Welcome to the site. I'm a newbie here as well. Pursuing my dream of becoming a drone pilot. Never too late to pursue a new career. I'm currently working part time at my current career: hair stylist. Pretty close to drones right? Same idea though...I make great money but I'm miserable. Drones have been a hobby for a while so I figured why not pursue it? I've been doing here and there jobs while waiting on my 333. (2 months past due) and am currently enrolled in ground school. Nice to see other people willing to take the jump into something new!
  4. Welcome to the site. I just joined as well. Have had some here and there jobs but nothing consistant yet. There are tons of routes to go in this industry. What caught my eye was the rental aspect. You could make good money doing it but I would be super freaked out about the liability. Do you have your 333? Checked out any insurance companies? With the market still being green as far as super solid rules and regulations renting out a drone would concern me cause of the liability that falls upon you. Would they be for more professional outfits or just hobbyist types?
  5. Very true RemotelyPossible. In addition stands the fact that I believe like many other new industries there's a surge, plateau, and drops. Alot of people are going to give this a shot and decide not to continue, loose interest, or just find it not financially feasible. I don't have enough fingers and toes of the amount of people I've talked to who's friends or family members have either purchased a drone or received one as a gift, gone up in the air and taken a picture and now find themselves being "professional drone photographers" and starting a business. I'm all for opportunities and following your dreams but things like that seem like they might become more spur of the moment or fad and will fade over time. Bigger companies coming into the market will definitely create more jobs and opportunities for us pilots. I think the challenge will be partnering or joining the right one. Just like most start ups alot don't stand the test of time. Finding the right one is daunting. This world is going to be quite an adventure to move through! I'm just gonna buckle in, do my homework, build relationships, and eventually decide what suit to wear on the cover of Forbes!
  6. That's what's scary. I'm trying to be ahead of the curve and 107 might saturate the market. The guys I know have all concurred though that even with 107 you might be better off getting your pilots license as well because it can put you in possibly a "more attractive" position to companies wanting to hire experienced operators. It still scares the hell out of me that I'm going to miss the bus in this industry of trying to be set before the "big bang" of the industry when things become more streamlined...
  7. Thanks for the welcoming. As far as my 333 went...we sent in the documentation on November 17th of 2015. I got my comment tracking number on January 7th 2016. The guy who was doing it for me said it was filed faster than he's ever seen. But shockingly now I'm still waiting and it's going on 2 months past due. I have contacted the FAA multiple times and get the same response back. "from time of filing on January 7th it will take less than 120 days to process and receive your exemption". I contact them that it's past due and I get more or less..."don't contact us we'll contact you". Gotta love it. No problem FAA I'll just put my entire career on hold while you get your s*#& together. Funny thing is I have yet to work with or know of any pilots that are taking the 333 seriously. It's like warning people that the drone police will get you but there aren't any enforcing it unless you're a 'Skypan' level outfit making millions....
  8. Good luck to you as well. Keep in touch. Oh and thank you for your service, will always have the military's back!
  9. Good morning everyone in Drone land! My name is Sean and I'm new to this site and just wanted to introduce myself and see about building connections and career paths here at A brief (I'll do my best) history about me and where I'm at now. I chose to have my career be a drone operator just over a year ago when I realized I could make my hobby long term and be paid to do it. I did the leg work to see what it would take to become an "official drone pilot" (as everyone says). I ended signing up with a "drone school" that promised me I would leave totally educated on everything drone and be a "certified drone pilot" (sounded pretty official). Well...about 3 months later I received my computer printed "Drone Pilot Certificate" (sadly not FAA acknowledged) reminiscent of the ones you got for being a good boy in pre-school, a $5000 debt to pay off, and pretty much no more education and flight skills than I already had. Oh and the school promised to hook you up with jobs and possible perminent employment (over 9 months and nothing yet...not even a check in call). Unfortunately I fell into the pit of people who where fooled about "official" drone flight schools and lack of any legal way of becoming a "drone pilot" since the FAA had yet to do so (107 looking hopeful or at least a good start). Fast foward to today...I currently have been doing jobs in real estate, commercial, and little here there things but nothing consistently. I am almost 4 months past my promised delivery date of my 333 (shocking right?) and am enrolled in real ground school to obtain my pilots license or 107 once it becomes a little more clear. I would love to meet some people to work with or just simply chat about maneuvering through this industry. I think I'm going to be going the "working for the man" route since I need stability and have a family to support. But....I am open to consistant solo work if I can make it successful. I'm sure I'm not alone in my stories and would love to build some new relationships in this industry. I believe working together can build this new world into something great. I hope I didn't draw this out too much and hope to get some communication going in this community! Thanks again and fly safe! Oh and I apologize for the excessive "quotation" abuse!