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  1. Sean--good to meet you. I have similar goals of flying drones commercially. Also looking forward to 107 certification becoming available soon! Right now I'm close to retirement from the military (almost 19 years) and would like to start an aerial video services business on the side to see where it goes. Thank you for the lessons learned...! Good luck. Jason Taylor
  2. Hi everyone. I am an avid RC enthusiast (since 2010) and somewhat close to retirement from the military. I am looking to start an aerial video service as a side job and very excited for the prospects... Looking for any information right now on 107 certification and drone business tips/information. My goal is to provide a one stop shop for aerial video services focusing on: - Real Estate - Special occasions (weddings/parties) - Land surveying - 3D mapping - Commercial aerial videography I appreciate this forum and any feedback on tools/tips/trends/etc. Many thanks Jason Taylor