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  1. Yes it would be nice to have them available without paying the costs of Site Scan. Another route depending your use here is a link of other options. https://3dr.com/solo-drone/made-for-solo/
  2. A few questions are you uising one of the kits geared for the GOPRO like the 5.8GHz kits? So you would have matching transmitter and receiver. Ran through similar issues and it mostly boils down matching both and the settings. Example http://www.getfpv.com/5-8ghz-light-250mw-vtx-for-gopro-3.html?gclid=CjwKEAiAjIbBBRCitNvJ1o257WESJADpoUt0DE64VzlYomTklWNZJpiudvwpzC8t3qKU8-VqBJDH_xoCbADw_wcB
  3. Both outstanding thoughts. It boils down to what is important to you and how your going to use the UAV. I found a good site with comparison between the P4 and H. http://www.tomstechtime.com/blog/djivsyuneec/ I do not have the H but do own a Q500+, DJI P3P, and 3DR. If you do not plan on doing any mapping, 3D modeling, or agriculture the H is a great model for photography and video. That would because of the con.of no SDK for 3D mapping or third party apps. The pro for an H is the six motors and 360 deg gimbal with capability of adding dual remote controller for the camera "similar to the Inspire". While the P4 can be used for mapping, 3D modeling, and agriculture, and is solid work horse. Both are great choices. Happy Flying
  4. I liked the video that came with it.
  5. Here is the link. Flying in 9-10mph winds with gusts up to 13mph.It kept steady with 19-20 SAT while I was filling in one of the club members of the functionality of the updated 3DR Solo.Check the flag pole.
  6. DD - Nope not much room in the house, and basically not that brave. Need something like a warehouse or gymnasium to really fly indoors. My flight times are usually 17-19 minutes. But most of it is in winds 8-10mph with gusts up to 13mph. I will add youtube link after I upload it.
  7. I flew this past weekend and the update was great. Right off the get go I had 19 SATs with GPS lock.
  8. I know I will be using the full size pixhawk for Big Bird. But for Baby Bird that might work better. The size of the compartment on Baby Bird is really limited and the standard size pixhawk doesn't really fit. An APM would or something similar. Will be doing some flying this weekend. Baby Bird, Straocam, and 3DR Solo.
  9. At this time Best Buy still has the deal for Solo, Gimbal, extra battery, and prop. for 399.99. They go in and out with that deal. Classifieds are kind of iffy. Due to "which I do not blame them", they bought it high at the time and still attempt to sell high.
  10. olesailor

    Is DIY dead ?

    @Spitfire76 Hope I didn't talk you out of a purchase. I too have three DIY projects I am working on for special functions. However I do have three RTFs DJI, 3DR, and Yuneec. My tool box. Each has their Pro's and Con's . But I do get more satisfaction with my DYI's.
  11. olesailor

    Is DIY dead ?

    Amen ! I agree with that comment. However, most RTF like any tool is not the silver bullet, or crescent hammer. Not any specific drone does it all, each has it's own specialty. Like a tool box you wouldn't buy only flat head screwdriver for it and call it good. DIY besides being more fun and fulfilling helps with the specialty projects. That one special job that only a DIY can perform. Example the one DIY that was built to get medial supplies to a far remote area. Also for RTFs look at all the MODs coming out to change the original specifications. Example to allow a DJI to really perform an agriculture task you need to have installed a special mod for FLIR. So for the basic consumer DIY wouldn't be for them, but we are not basic.
  12. I have updated my Solo . 1. mRo GPS u-Blox Neo-M8N (Release 2) http://store.mrobotics.io/category-s/109.htm 2. Solo GPS Shield V2 First the GPS was made for the Solo it was an easy, remove the original and connect the version 2. There are others out there that would work, however it requires soldering new connectors. The GPS from mrobotics should have been in the production release of Solo. Also the GPS shield Ver 2 is icing on the cake. After I upgraded and powered up I had lock in a few seconds with 7-9 SATS. That was while I was indoors in my office. Cannot wait to see how this works outdoors. From product review on various forums we are talking about 19-20+ SATs. Note: When I ordered it said out of stock. However less then two days I had an email with confirmation and tacking number. "I always use PayPal, well protected".
  13. @Spitfire76 In luck I just purchased one. I been attempting it with needle nose. Real bummer. Anyway it is a Mpi Crimper ACC175. I bought at my local RC Hobby shop. Can do sizes 20, 24, and 28. http://www.maxxprod.com/mpi/mpi-4.html How To http://www.maxxprod.com/pdf/Connector%20Assembly%20Step-by-Step.pdf
  14. olesailor

    My UAV Build

    That is an outstanding build. Never to much power never know if your payload will be increased.
  15. @Drone Driver Yes I have seen that, at one of my other post 3DR Solo Future I had a few points. Now I am very happy with Solo, not content with 3DR. However after being in IT over 20yrs and dealing with various vendor support use to it. Even with DJI I had a support issue and it was on patches. So every vendor has it day.