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  1. To the Forum Community at Large. While I am new to Drones, I have been flying RC since the early 1970's. I even built a lot of my own electronics and worked on 6M as a HAM. I guess graduate work in physics and chemistry is not enough for trying to contribute. Time for me to say I am sorry if I have offended anyone. I guess it is just time for me to simply disappear. Again, sorry. Take care, enjoy and have lots of fun with Drones.
  2. After watching several YouTube vids on Drone Prop Balancing, I decided to try something different. I sharpened to a point, then heat annealed a metal rod part of my fixed-wing UAV prop balancer. Take a look at what I did and how an unbalanced prop "sits" on my balancer. Still a problem ----> sandpapering is not a good idea on ANY prop since it affect the laminar flow of air over the prop surface hence causing a small change in the lift characteristics of the prop. Am looking for other things to do to balance both the hubs and blades of my props. Any Suggestions ???
  3. Am very new to hacking Phantoms. But, am an ex-ham [ WD8ODM ] and RC flier since the 1960's. I have a PHANTOM 2 VISION+, and an FC40. Went dumpster-diving with the permission of my local hobby shop. Snagged three PHANTOM 3 cameras with gimbals hat weren't too beat / crashed up. How difficult will it be to graft these cameras to my Phantoms [ my Palindroming Pookah Penguin named these "birds" PHRED and BERDIE ].
  4. Just ordered a complete DJI FC40 sans camera for $199.95 from BH PHOTO & VIDEO in NYC . Company is reputable and a "regular" DJI dealer. Would appreciate it if any forum participants would take some time to send some refs and links for parts for my new "bird".
  5. I am so new to FORUMS. Pardon dumb-bunny me please if I have already sent the following. PHANTOM PHRED kept tipping over on landind. Call it poor piloting. A wider base made from hardware store yardsticks helped here Had to build my own case since I wanted to keep the prop guards attached. Box is HEAVY pine from mil surplus artillery munitions transport cases. Two cases stuck together ( ~ 25 x 25 x 10 inches ). Case weight sand drone is 42 pounds !!! Orange and black take-off / landing pad attaches to case top. Pad is fitted with metal leg mounts to allow pad to stand-alone as LZ or field work surface. Pad is about three feet off the ground and is fitted with recessed bubble level and compass to assist with Drone Ops. Next will be a Computer Ops desk for controlling PHANTOM PHRED when remote telemetry sends back environmental data. Telemetry via VERNIER LABQUESTmini ( http:/) ).
  6. From a rookie. ... ... Our local community college has a Drone Basics Class through their continuing ed division. We also have a pretty active Academy of Model Aetonautics Club with several members who fly both fixed wing and multirotor UAVS. See if there is an AMA club in your area. Joining the AMA also gives you liability insurance ! When you purchase a "serious" Drone, try to "buy local" through a hobby shop that has a large selection and in-the-know staff. WEB buying might be cheaper, but often comes with limited tech support. Many clubs and local stores have bulletin boards. Look for used Drones. I got a DJI PHANTOM 2 complete with three batteries for $300.00 this way. You should consider registering your Drones with the FAA as well. A comprehensive Operations Log is also useful. Track not only all of your flying, but any mods \ changes \ additions to your Drones as well. Enjoy your Droning !
  7. Hi, while I am new to Drones, I have taught lab sciences using interfaces, probes and data collection sensors. You might consider some team teaching opportunities where Drones would be used for a remote sensing platform or to demonstrate things like Newton's kaws of motion. A good company to work with is . Ask your felliw science faculty. They might even already have some of this company's stuff. While Drone-Building is "old-hat". It is still academically efficacious [ DJI FLAMEWHEEL kits ]. Writing code to fab Drone parts with a 3D printer has ed value too.
  8. Hello, Just bought a used PHANTOM 2 complete with three batteries, charger, cam, range extender and transmitter for $300.00. Did I get a deal ? Am reeeeally green about this all. A college sciences faculty emeritus, am interested in Drones as educational tools especially when it comes to telemetry and remote data acquisition. Had problems with Phred my Drone tipping over. So, I fabricated a light basswood strut extension that gives more stability. Extension is firmly held in place with rubber bands like on my 1940's freeflight model airplane. Thoughts, criticisms, and recommendations welcomed.