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  1. DJI FLIR Zenmuse XT 640x512 30Hz 13mm Lens - $7,500 Slightly used and in great shape! DJI - Introducing the Zenmuse XT Thermal Camera and Gimbal Powered by FLIR More Photos Here (this is the export-controlled version that cannot ship internationally)
  2. Hi All, great topic of discussion. I am the head of media production for AeroVista Innovations, LLC. I use Final Cut Pro Mac for editing. For music production I use Logic Pro and Ableton Live. Unless one of our clients wants specific music I always compose an original piece for each film and do custom scoring, add FX, Foley, and other audio enhancements. If a film's musical score is done correctly is can bring the whole visual to a higher level and help guide the viewers attention exactly where you would like it to be. If the music not created or added correctly, it can drag the viewers a