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  1. Alan/Sam, Would this fall under "Low-Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability" (LAANC)?................eventually?
  2. IMann, I understand your concern on the term, “drone”! For the general population, they have been feed that general term and the correct term, “small unmanned aircraft system” (sUAS) does not roll off the tongue. Getting back to your main discussion, I entered the business of aerial photography directing it into the real estate market. My initial perspective in this market was a bit foggy on both sides do the lenses, that saw the learning curve, for area brokers, to start changing once I started introduction of sUAS to them. I saw several go out and do their own investment in equipme
  3. Great job on your overall production! You are definitely mastering your skills in flight if this was your starting point! Question: Were you out all 65-days recording?
  4. I would say it's worth a try. I take it some are having a problem following article/links.
  5. Hi Alan, I say keep the background music! I did notice it at the beginning of the video, being a different twist from past videos. Once the lecture started I heard it but it was not a distraction with volume at the level you had it. I was able to hear and take in your lecture with no problem! Donnie
  6. "Basic Flight Proficiency Training, I have suggested this to different individuals over the past six months, offering information on how it improved my flight handling skills. The comeback for most of them, "I don't need to know all that". I now know 5 of them, new sUAS owners (2 DJI Phantom 3, 3 DJI Phantom 4) that have crashed and burned within their first 30-days of ownership. There's something about being in the know! "SOP, SOP,SOP"!
  7. I agree with you that autonomous in not a bad thing, to say the least. What I am trying to say is that safety and training in some of the presentations seem to be pushed to the back burner for some, not all, companies that may be moving in this direction. One presentation I attended, the presenter was from the construction site side, and his words were, "I want my results, not a show, just give me what I need"!
  8. InterDrone 2017, I can’t say enough about the information, ideals, direction, etc. shared there! I would recommend attending next year’s event to anyone who plans on being around unmanned aircrafts in years to come. It was great meeting Alan and some of his team members! Folks, he’s the same in-person as you have seen him online. I actually heard his laughter first before actually seeing him. One thing I took away for the conference that got me attention was the term, “Autonomous”. It was thrown out in a number of presentations, showing how an autonomous drone would be a b
  9. Alan, I will be present in Las Vegas, 9/2017! Donnie Kilgo
  10. Alan, I have started the aerial but I have run into a synchronization problem in Module #2; “Importing Media and Introduction to Premiere Pro CC being out of sync. I am watching the video, hearing the instructor telling me what steps he is taking but seeing the steps about 10 seconds later. I might be me but it there any way to check on that? Thanks, Donnie
  11. I would like to get feedback/concerns here on the drone market becoming flooded with a lot of “player” pilots (semi-recreational flyers) that will cause havoc in the coming months (holiday season). With “easy fly” drones like Yuneec’s Breeze, DJI’s Mavic Pro and GoPro’s Karma currently on the market I see new users ready to emulate their (manufacture) trailers without concern for the down side and dangers that comes with ownership. Being around people since obtaining my “RPIC” certification, I hear, “it’s only a toy” a lot. Upon hearing that I try to give them insight on just ho
  12. "DO NOT BUY QUADCOPTERS OR TRICOPTERS, BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT REDUNDANT!" Great advice Bruno! I am a re-covering witness to my own crash! It was part my fault as well. I notice my quad, a Yuneec Q500 4K, was drifting to the right on any forward moves. Later in the flight this drift got worse, so when I finally decide to bring it in, with less than 40 feet to go, something major went wrong, causing the quad too flip 180 degrees, (top in now bottom and bottom now top). So as I am trying to recover, increasing my throttle, I am actually driving it into the ground! Having control had a di
  13. Hi RemotelyPossible Thanks for reviewing and your input! I have gotten to a point that I like getting independent reviewer feedback, well at least the ones that understand the product as a whole and not the ones, “I don’t know what this is but I don’t need it now so I will get around to it later” attitudes. However, listening to this particular one, hearing 8000 feet got my attention. Wouldn’t anyone living/operating a UAS at this higher elevation have an even greater concern for deployment of their UAS? Example(s): Mount Rogers, Washington @ 14,417; Mauna Kea, Hawaii @ 13,80
  14. Alan, I have a concern over a statement I heard made in a “Youtube” video on the review of the Yuneec Typhoon Q500+. In the video, the guy doing the review, normally reviews cars, he says, but decides to review the Typhoon Q500+. What gets me wondering is his statement “This quadcopter will not work above 8000ft.” With my understanding of the FAA 400ft above ground level (AGL), “Does this guy's statement come into play more from a air density standpoint as opposed to the unit just not working above 8000ft? Youtube video: Yuneec Typhoon Q500+ RC Quad Copter Review: Forget It!