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  1. I'm getting ready to purchase my first UAV. I have looked at the Amazon page and the Holly Stone web page and can't see much real difference in the X300 and X400 for the price difference. Does anyone own these two so you can explain if the 400 is a lot better quality? Also, I'm looking at the Syma X5SW. I'm thinking of buying one of the Holly Stone UAVs and One Sama. Thoughts on my plan? Thought it would be more fun is my son had one too. Thank you!
  2. Thank you everyone for your help. I have checked out the webpage and it is very helpful. I think I will buy a starter UAV and then move into a more expensive one as soon as I'm ready to get my training wheels off. Thanks again!
  3. I'm a retired from the fire service and want to take up drones as a hobby. I'm a private pilot and think this would be a fun passion. Here is my issue: I would like to find a unit that flies for 10 minutes or more, has a live camera, GPS nice, has a return home function. I have never flown a drone before, but I could see myself helping real estate agents and taking some fun pictures. I don't want to get an expensive drone and loose or wreck it and I don't want dirt cheap. I would like to spend from $100 to $300 with a controller. I use a Samsung Android phone. A few choices to review would be appreciated. Thank you for your suggestions!