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  1. We would be happy to help you. We have been featured in: • Disney's: "Pete's Dragon" Movie Trailer Movie trailer • Disney's: Disney Channel Movie Surfers "Pete's Dragon - On the Dragon Trail" • Barnacules NerdGasm: "Learning how to drive RWD rally cars at DirtFish Rally School" • Jayz2Cents: "My first time driving a Rally Car... did I suck?" • NBC's King5 News: "FAA completes landmark rules for commercial drones "
  2. Lewis, great course. Thank you for being open to topic enhancement/bolstering considerations for this course. I look forward to monitoring any updates to it. Alan, nice job rolling this out. Its a sector many of us are interesting in but not sure how to get started. This is a perfect 101 class. Now we need 201 class that dives into business model, pricing, contract negotiation, risk insurance, 3D printing services that do great work, comparison of cloud based 3d dashboard models to use with clients w/pros/cons of each. There are tons of data layers in the DroneDeploy/MapsMadeE
  3. My City's police use "Total Station" for their accident scenes. The software that comes with It has ability to be extremely precise. However lots of 3rd party software companies make 3D scene re-creation software package to work with the data captured by the Total Station. Such as It looks like they support.... "Some of our many supported formats include raw, csv, txt, nik, rw5, and dxf, among others. Your points can also be exported as a CSV file should you need them for use in another application." I hope this h
  4. I was asked to do demo DJI UAVs for a Charity Auction event being held in a Westin Hotel ballroom. It seemed easy enough, NOT! Turns out the commercial construction of buildings uses corrugated aluminum/steel floors that they pour cement on to form each floor. This metal is virtually everywhere. I could power on the Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 both and walk around the ballroom and found several 3-4' spherical pockets where the metal wasn't interfering with the compass. The UAVs had plenty of GPS signal. They were both allocated special WIFI access for the DJI Go App to function. However, no