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  1. Thanks for that, RemotelyPossible! OK, I have now given in to pressure and obtained (persuaded my partner to buy me) a Phantom 3 - only a Standard, but even so it is an incredible advance over the toys I've been struggling with up to now! I have only taken it out twice so far, and will need to get a better monitor; my Samsung phone is almost invisible in bright daylight. I made a hood but is doesn't make a lot of difference. Any one know of a better one? The Standard has a smaller holder than the other Phantoms, and a phone is the best it can do
  2. Another point arises from my stupidity; For various reasons, I didn't recover the drone until 18 hours later. She was switched on for that entire time, as evidenced by a LOT of recorded video of grass. When I put the battery on charge, it just went on charging for hours and hours ... the green light never came on to indicate a full charge. I tried it anyway and although the quad lights came on, she was not able to bind with the controller. The battery is as good as dead. It's not swollen and didn't get hot when charging - although the charger did! Clearly, Lipos don't like to be run flat.
  3. OK. You are right, Alan, I'm no expert pilot. On returning to the scene this morning, I spotted the probable cause of the problem - I shouldn't have attempted to fly here; there is a large phone mast on the site! What an idiot. After 20 minutes search, I recovered the drone and am now wiping the mud off. The on board camera recorded slightly better footage than my phone, right up to the crash ... and for several minutes beyond but I've edited that out. In some of the frames, the phone mast is clearly visible. Now I have to work out how to judge distance better so that I know if I am
  4. OK, true I haven't exactly mastered it yet but this was the second flight of the day and the first went without a hitch, then ... this is the video recovered from my phone which shows some erratic movements from the start. I'll be out again looking for her in the morning, weather permitting. This was the first fine day in weeks! Sorry - didn't realise it was that big - it's only 2 minutes long.
  5. Hi Alan, I don't think 100 meters is very much; our altitude limit in the UK is 400 feet but it would be easy to exceed 100 meters in level distance ... I proved that today! Sadly this bird is now awol. I had it under control up to about 50 feet, and decided to put some more altitude on ... it started to climb and I leveled it off at about 100 feet ( I haven't had it long and was still getting the feel of it). I noticed the light wind was beginning to cause a bit of drift, so tried to get it back to go more upwind. No response. The controller lights still indicated it was bound but It just sl
  6. Hi all, I am a beginner, having struggled to learn on a Hubsan 107L, I have now acquired an MXJ X101. A very different bird. I know it's very much entry-level, so am not expecting too much from it but is it possible to extend the control range? 100 meters isn't much and I'd hate to see it just drift off into the distance! Once I have managed a few flights - the weather here is not ideal for flying at the moment - I will upload some videos. Don't expect too much; it's only a 1mp camera.
  7. Additional question: WiFi range seems very limited, is there a way of extending it?
  8. That's good to know, Alan. Was visualizing all sorts of problems! I assume that the controller or quad generates the WiFi then? Have looked at the Parrot range but can't really go the expensive or at least, not yet. Looking for something around the £100 mark ($150). Phantom 3 or Yooneec are dreams for the future ... I'll write to Santa about that one
  9. OK, I'm a complete Newbie, still struggling to control a Hubsan X4 H107L, but looking to upgrade to a bigger FPV quad. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between Wi-fi and the alternatives? I hope it doesn't mean that you have to be in a Wi-fi area, as the flights would normally be out in the wilds ... and using a phone to receive the FPV doesn't mean you have to have a phone signal, does it? Like I said, a complete newbie! Anyone had experience with the M-tec Skydrone? Can't afford a Phantom
  10. Hi Imogen, Build my own? I'll admit to having looked at that idea, but am out of touch with modern technology - struggled to keep up with it back in the day when I was an IT manager - so would rather have someone else I can shout at when it doesn't work! Will certainly post some shots if/when I get them. Weather still not good enough for flying - either peeing down or too windy. Am still browsing Amazon for an FPV, but need more info before making a decision ... must post another question on here. Regards Andy
  11. Hi Imogen, Looked at your profile and see you have a PPL. I did start training about 10 years ago but then business went belly-up and I could no longer afford it I have a friend with a license, so I do get up very occasionally and I suppose the quad is an attempt to relive some of the excitement of flying! Am now well into retirement so not looking for a business, just like both flying and photography. I can see the point of using a drone to check on livestock, and to examine crops from altitude. Drone could also be used for inspecting roofs, and those enormous grain silos, so I can
  12. At the moment, just learning to control the damn thing! I bought a Hubsan X4 H107L to learn on and am now wondering if I should have gone for something a little bigger. Can just about control it now but forever bumping into things. Not dared to take it outside yet. Want to do aerial photography and am looking to get something with a camera and FPV but not too expensive ... £100 or so. What do you fly? Where are you? I live in Midsomer Norton; within easy reach of Bath or Bristol. Andy
  13. Hi all, I'm in Somerset UK, near to Bath. Am an absolute beginner and would love to meet with other quadcopterists ... if there is such a word ... droners? Whatever. Anyone in the South West? South? Anyone?