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  1. Practical test done. Left the house at 3am, drove 360 miles (that's a long way in the UK ), got home 630pm. Well did I pass? The test was hard, survey of a perimeter hedge some 100yds away, confined space flying 100 yds away ( this is where the phantom 4 collision avoidance comes in to it's own ), 400ft atti flight in only 3 knots wind and finally a 200ft/100meter log distance survey. Each had emergency scenarios which had to be dealt with as per our ops manual. Yes I passed ! So I can now fly drones commercially in the UK. I can not recommend RUSTA enough in the UK. Sion is an amazing tutor and clearly a professional in every sense of the work. John
  2. Major incentive to pass...... we just got a DJI M600 with major thermal imageing capabilities. ...... no pressure lol
  3. I've had no near misses or crashes with the phantom 4, that said it did turn in to a lawn mower on my last atti flight. It's the hardest part of an atti flight for me, landing. I guess I should slow down a bit. Load more practice over next 5 days.
  4. D day is next Wednesday. .....we have the mission brief. .....we have the technology. .... let's hope I have the skills lol John
  5. Well did I pass? You bet! 93% half way to being caa approved. 10 days or so and I have a practical exam. Now that looks harder than nails. Preflight crew brief, safety checks, 400ft atti flight, confined spaces flight, ×4 emergency landings loss of gps, fire, motor failure etc. Got to follow our ops manual to the letter and if after all that I pass, I can fly drones commercially in the UK John.
  6. Well theory learning done. Great lecturer who used to fly reapers for a living! Really enjoyed the lessons. Test 0930 tomorrow wish me luck! Practical test in two weeks now that seems hard, 400ft with no gps lock.... John
  7. Well we were issued Dji Phantom 4 and I tested it today. 30 minutes flight time with no issues at all. A world away from racing quadcopter. Also ordered x4 motors for the shadow 240 from bangood for £9 ~ $14 which is a big saving over oem parts which would cost £32 ~ $47 here in expensive Britain. All set now for the CAA course on Monday John
  8. We are using RUSTA, really looking forward to the course. I've given up on the Ares Shadow 240, it keeps blowing motors. I'm waiting for another to be delivered. Will swap it over and see what happens. I am thinking of building a fpv quadcopter but we are issued a brand new Phantom in work which we should get this Friday. John
  9. Hi all, just a quick note to say hello. I'm based in the UK and just started in the world of drones. The main reason for my interest is that I will be flying them in work and I will be completing a CAA approved course at the end of the month. I purchased a shadow 240 for practice and crashed! Lol. Now waiting for a new motor to be delivered tomorrow. John