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  1. I'm using an iPad mini 4 and loving it. I already had the iPad, if I were buying one just for flying I would do a 3. I don't understand how people use their phones.
  2. @Alan Perlman Thanks! I'm flattered. I have actually had a number of people say that to me, and since I was going for a "Nike" feel, I would say I was successful. Thanks Again.
  3. I have to say, if I shot this, it would be one long slow move. Starting at normal eye level (to show the barricades as viewed by someone walking by.) and then a slow climb up, with a simultaneous pan down. and maybe a slight move forward so you end with the barricades directly underneath your camera so you can see that it looks like a labyrinth/brain. When you shot it, you moved the aircraft, then moved the camera. You need to do those at the same time.
  4. I got mine this morning! Less than an hour ago. Super excited. Yesterday I got my first client.
  5. I am on an Mac as well, I had the block up problem, but also it wouldn't let me digitally sign the two documents. I switched to Google Chrome and it worked fine. I got it all submitted on friday, and now I am waiting....
  6. I intercut between my hero 4 silver and my Phantom 3a all the time. You guys know you can change the field of view on the goPro right? I am curious to see what Karma looks like, but not too optimistic. Here is a sample of GoPro and Phantom (and a quick dslr shot) working together.
  7. Passed! I didn't do ground school and found the test hard but doable. Would have liked a higher score - and I am sure I would have had one if I had done ground school, but a pass is a pass, right?
  8. Yeah, I'm taking it tomorrow. A little nervous. Wishing everyone - and myself - good luck. I didn't do the uav ground school. Didn't have the cash on hand. Wish I could have, if I fail I may try and come up with the cash.
  9. Super excited about this, but not available in my state yet. They say soon.
  10. As a film maker - and someone who is sliding into drone imagery - I would never give a client raw footage. They will make bad editing decisions that will make your work look bad.
  11. I am pulling the trigger today, and buying a phantom 3 advanced. prices look pretty similar (I am considering B&h, adorama, Amazon and drone world) i was wondering who you all preferred? Any weird warranty or supply issues? Who is your vendor of choice? thanks!