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  1. Hello everyone, Michael here, I just got my frsky taranis and I have flown it but I want to modify the antenna to a 5dbi antenna. I have found an exact video for stripping a coaxial cable for a 2.4 ghz tx. People say 84mm of "shielded coax ". I have no clue what they are talking about, the shield for the outside or the shield for the inside, need help thanks. Hopefully if anyone replys they can show me a picture/video. Thanks.
  2. Hey guys, I just want to ask if an osd would effect the FPV signal for a race quad, I am planning to use the TBS core pnp50 for the TBS unify pro. Does the firmware of osd affect the signal or the actual age of the product effect, thanks!
  3. Hey guys, I havn't commented in a long time. I made the HK FPV250 from Hobby King. I have 1704kv motors with a 3 cell 1000 mah battery. I want to put an sj4000 on it but it is too heavy. I want to see if there are any cameras that I should get that is 1080p, a keychain camera maybe? Also, I want to see what if I should have a power distribution board and solder the ESC's. or have a wire harness and make everything messy.
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    Hi guys, I'm Michael. I just want to ask if I am building a Quadcopter with any size, should I have a high torque motor with big props or low torque with small props. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, I am Michael Zafirov. I am 13 years old. I have built three quads, 2 big one small. I am now interested in FPV racing. I have all the equipment and have flown for a while but I still want to do it the old fashion way: to fly with acro mode. (I used to fly in self level.)Please give me some advice or go to my profile with links to my website or YouTube channel, there you can see my quads, also please give advice about the quadcopters or future ideas. Thank you!
  6. Hi I am Michael Zafirov and I am 13 years old, I have built three drones myself,one is the X525, two is the F450, three is the FPV250. I am now trying to build the Neon 250 Quadcopter. I just want to know should I have a power distribution board or a wire harness for a racing Quadcopter. I have basic FPV gear (camera,video reciver,video transmitter). I know how to solder well so if I need to do any DIY wire harnesses or anything else, I will be OK. Or to give me suggestions for my Quadcopters, please go to my website.(this is a link) Go to the playlists that have Quadcopters, or you can go to YouTube and type Michael Zafirov in the search bar, the first option will be me. Please give me some advice.Thank you.
  7. Hi I'm Michael. I just want to ask a quick question, does a power distribution board work better or a wire harness with bullet connectors work best for a racing Quadcopter. I am building the Neon 250 Quadcopter frame with the HKFPV250 Quadcopter motor and ESCs.
  8. Hi am Michael Zafirov, I am from the US but now I am a high school student in Hong Kong. I am 13 years old I want to know more people that know about drones. I have built 3 drones myself 1. X525 2. F450 3. FPV250. I have basic soldering skills and building knowledge. If you want to checkout some of my quadcopter performance videos, feel free to visit my website at www.Michael Zafirov.com or my YouTube channel just type Michael Zafirov in the search bar, my channel will be the first option. Please give me some feedback. Thanks. Just saying: this is not an advertisement, I just want to people to know me better.