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    Thanks everyone for your replies and comments! I'm really looking forward to being a drone operator for my wife's photography buisness and the great news today from the FAA has got me even more excited! I am well skilled in flying RC helicopters and have a cheep drone I bought from Walmart to practice with. My wife and I are going to use some of her buisness money to purchase a DJI Phantom 4 here soon so I can get more practice in while I work on getting my drone operator certificate required for commercial drone use.
  2. Hi guys and gals, I'm new to the site so just saying hello. I am a huge RC helicopter enthusiasts and looking at getting into sUAS as well. I'm a very techy person that loves to build computers and robotics type stuff. My wife is a full time photographer running her own buisness and we are interested in adding aerial photography to her services expecially with title part 107 right around the corner. Any helpfully information or suggestions are greatly welcomed