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  1. Thank you so much for your input Chuck. "Near real time" is when we run a mission on Drone Deploy and using the app pick the option to do a field scan which starts building the map at it flies and as it lands having the ability to show the client something soon after landing - hence "near real time." We have not used a piggy back i-Pad but if we had an extra person and using another iPad we could let the non pilot show the client the map as the drone is flying. I am constantly amazed by the daily changes I see the industry coming out with, ADS-B, etc. Thanks again!a
  2. So what do I charge? My price list is at: http://davionllc.com/drone-services-price-list/ And some will say our prices are way too low. As a new drone company owner (1 year) I am trying to get my foot in the door and find my niche. What is not on my price list above is what I charge churches. Since most churches across USA are small (yes I know there are many large ones) I give a discount of $120 to do a 2D/3D mapping and 2 minute video of a church - know matter what the size is. When I bill the church I show the normal price $489 and their price of $120. My plan is to make a deduction of the
  3. Mapping across the United States (5 states anyway) did okay for a 7 day trip. I learned to get double or triple the jobs though as a couple didn't pan out. But overall a good trip and a way to help pay for a trip/vacationing along the way. Just make sure you start 3 months in advance vice 4 weeks. I have found after sending an e-mail (telling what you can do w/samples of your work) it takes 6-10 calls to get the yes/no answer. Make sure you follow up with the "yes" answers before you show up as they may have become a "no." I also got the opportunity to do a mapping of a rock quarry and was abl
  4. Thanks to all the welcomes on my posts on traveling and doing UAS/drone jobs. It takes a lot of work, and takes about 3-6 phone calls per job, e-mails telling about my service, checking air space, when close to airports (class E) contacting them as a courtesy. Contacting city managers of small towns to ask it they have any UAS/drone restrictions (none do normally - other than "please call us when you start"). But well worth it in letting small town America know you are providing a service and who knows what additional jobs I will find as I do this. Will give you a report back in about 10 days!
  5. Do 2D/3D/short videos of churches. I also provide all the pictures to the client for their people to look at roof inspection, etc. I give the churches a fabulous deal with 75% off my normal price. I also get with the city managers/airport managers to see if they want me to do any city shots of buildings, runways, taxi ways, etc. and offer them 2D/3D, etc. to be used for their perusal of their buildings. Small towns across America need this type of work and is a win/win for drone companies.
  6. I was invited to a military change of command ceremony for an old friend's son a few states over from Mississippi. As any good entrepreneur would do I looked into making it a business trip and started looking for drone/UAS jobs between "yar n thar" and came up with many. So I want to encourage my fellow drone/UAS pilots to see your business as a way to also squeeze in some travel/fun/opportunities as you drone and travel. As a previous blogger said - remember courthouses, etc. in the small towns across America. To add to that courthouse list look at small airports, churches, scenic recreationa
  7. As I go about the state of Mississippi doing 2D/3D mapping/pictures/videos of churches, etc., I try to tie in other places to to do 2D/3D work. One of those is mapping airports in 2D/3D as well as smaller universities/colleges (especially those with stadiums/ball fields). Yes it takes some leg work and waiver for airspace authorization but if you are already doing Class B, C, D, E waivers anyway doing one for the airport is just as simple. I just finished waiver #23. The waivers used to take 30-40 minutes but after you do a few you can basically create a template and use it to copy only changi
  8. Good point about court houses. You can also check with you local county/parish school districts to do summer/weekend shoots of school properties and schools. Talk about how your shots and 2D/3D can be used for school year books, campus brochures/flyers, etc. Help them see where maintenance is needed, up to date maps of property, where asphalt may need repair, where yellow and/or stripes need painting or repainting, possible 3D of a stadium. Got a IR/thermal drone? Can be used to shot wet spots in insulation and/or cold air/hot air leakage. For around $249 for a FLIR One for IOS/Androids you ca
  9. Another untouched resource (and a tax deduction) is to do 2D/3D/short video of churches. You can look up churches in your area and also the state church/conventions/synods/county associations, etc. Send them several samples of your work (screen shots of a 2D/3D, close ups of church roof damage, asphalt parking lots, gutters, etc. and then charge a ridiculous amount ($80-$120) and when you send them the invoice show the going rate of what you normally charge (our case was $485) and then show the cost to them ($120) and take the difference as a donation/benevolence deduction. At 10 churches per
  10. Hey Bobh. Joe here, former police officer, retired Marine. We are a 333 approved w/COA (and working on another COA for our area (Jackson, MS). Are you looking at doing drone work for the state? I have found that in talking to several police departments in AL and MS that there are SEVERAL flying missions (and getting drug busts, etc. from the drone flights) but they are not approved by the FAA as a municipality needs to be (going to be a problem for them if it goes to court). Sooooo our plans are to educate via letters, personal visits to PD (as well as fire departments and county FEMA's) and e