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  1. Here's an image from a recent shoot in Captiva using my Mavic 2 Pro.
  2. Beautiful images - as are all of yours! Thanks for sharing your approval process. I had a recent positive experience myself where a particular location was in Class D airspace with "automatic authorization coming soon" as noted on AirMap. I applied for authorization on DroneZone and rather than waiting 90 days... I received authorization within 48 hours and they even expanded my request parameters a bit. What a great feeling! Anyways, thanks again for sharing your awesome work and experiences!
  3. I use Final Cut Pro X and highly recommend. Most of the professional video editors that I know use Premiere Pro or Final Cut. Perhaps watch a few tutorials on these editing systems – along with the others recommended in this thread – to compare and contrast features, pros and cons, etc. You might also look at Sony Vegas. FCPX is only $299.99 and is incredibly robust and user friendly. Good luck!