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  1. Thanks all for the comments! I finally just grabbed a small drone at Brookstone on my way through the airport this week. Tomorrow I'll try and fly it. Another question, I was going to purchase an iPad mini 4 just for travel purposes and thinking it would be useful when I upgrade to a larger drone. To use for drone flying and the apps do I need the cellular service? I was planning to just get an iPad mini without cellular service but will change that plan if the cellular will be useful for these apps. Thoughts?
  2. Yes, that was meant tongue in cheek. I'm looking at the list of the Drones for Beginners Alan put together, and one or two other models not on the list to learn some skills before really investing money. I'm realizing many of these are really tiny, 6" - 10" range. So, wondering if these really simulate what flying a larger Phantom or more professional / commercial use drones would be like? I've already learned from asking all of you questions that these will be more difficult to fly, but does the controllability of these super small ones translate to the larger? If the remotes are similar to use and reactions similar then it will be useful for me, as I've not flown RC's or been a big video game person. $80 - $120 is still money and don't want to just waste it but I have decided I do want to good training tool with a camera to practice all facets before making a larger purchase. Also, is a "Digital' Controller different from other controllers, or in other words, is a digital controller the standard? would it still have 'joy' sticks (not sure the correct term here) like I've seen on the few higher end DJI models I've seen? Last question, the first model on his list sounds popular, the UDI U*I*A HD+ and have circular plastic around the propellers, guessing just propeller guards? Is this a useful this for rookie drone flyer? And will the flight characteristics be very different than models without this? Thanks it, thanks in advance for your help!
  3. If you're already a pilot, you can go to http://faasafety.gov to take a UAS course, and then come late August, when the rule is implemented, you'll be able to apply for Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate (a UAS rating on your existing license) without having to take the Aeronautical Knowledge Test. You and P3P Flyer like this Unlike this So, If I take and pass the UAS test next week, I still have to wait Until Aug to submit the proof already being a rated pilot or I am misunderstanding that? And if that is correct, is it's still a wait until August to be able to legally do commercial work (not that I've even flown a drone yet ; ) but I'm very close. And the best suggestions to study for this test? i.e. online study guides etc?
  4. Thanks to all for taking the time for such detailed responses. I'm taking notes and hope to be out there soon with whatever purchase I make and start practicing.
  5. Hi, I'm very new to this drone scene but very intrigued and plan to buy one sooner than later. The question is, what to buy, especially as a new drone operator? Should I expect a lot of crashes and just buy a junk one first? Or get what seems like the best fit for me and just go for it and don't crash ; ). Maybe I'm expecting a harder learning curve than it will be. Seems like you have to buy before you can try and fly one, i.e. no test flying product available it seems. On product; I've seen the Phantoms and the Inspire both from dji. A cinematographer I met recently was the one encouraging to try this venture and possible work with her so she was pushing the Inspire, which after looking at it I see it can use two controllers one to fly and one to shoot, so I can see it would be advantageous for cinematography with a crew. But I'm sure there are probably many great options that would work for me. Im not sure of my future usage but I would want to use it for commercial purposes once I get established. So those of you using them for commercial purposes or intending too.....what features have you have you found the most useful or features that are not big deal. Do you find the wider angle cameras benefit most shoot styles or something not as wide? I am not familiar enough to know how loud most of these drones are but I'm thinking flying too close and low with wider angle lens would be annoying. Thoughts? And how challenging was it for most of you learning to control these without damaging them? Or are most of these strong enough to handle a little learning curve? Thanks for any input!
  6. Thank you Joshua for recommending the equipment, I've been meaning to post this question to people as what they would recommend for starting. This is helpful.
  7. Hi all. I'm totally new into the drone world but intrigued to learn more. I come from an aviation and photography background and thought this might be a good way to combine two loves. I'm currently trying to figure out this certification process and looking for a drone to purchase. I'll be asking for any help and recommendations I can find. Glad to be here.