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  1. Will never buy DJI again. Any company who makes a customer spend $1500 on a product than backs out on support down to the most basic level of providing a simple app to use it is in no way a reputable company. If it wasn't for a third party app making it possible to continue using my P4, it would quickly have become nothing but an expensive doorstop. And even nowm I still don't have control of sensitivity on controls etc, Unacceptable..
  2. This is unacceptable. Been using my P4 since it came out with no problems for months. Because of no work, it has sat in a corner the last couple of months. I have 2 jobs this week, the app no longer works and the new app won't download onto any of my devices. iPad4, mini 4 or iPhone 4. Is my P4. Now a $1500 doorstop? Any work-arounds? The original app no longer has P4 as a choice. Ridiculous, DJI.
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    Checking it everyday.. None with my name..
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    Curious if you heard anything back about this waiver issue. Getting ready to say the hell with the waivers. Quickly losing a business at the cost of doing it the right way.
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    FSDOs are pretty much puppets anyway. Have you tried calling OK city? To be honest, I haven't. The other thought is maybe just calling the tower and working with them directly. They seem to be a pretty good bunch.
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    The FAA might want to expedite these waivers a little. A lot of clients don't want to wait 3 months to even have their project started. Most likely resulting in operators just launching on the hopes of not getting caught. My last two jobs, I just rented a helicopter and hired a photog. Instant approval into the Delta airspace.
  7. Actually have it working real nice now once I set the downlink channel manually instead of letting it scan continuously..
  8. Anyone have a type of sun hood they use with an iPad mini that they can't live without? Thank you
  9. Hi Alan, It's a Phantom 4. No, regardless of distance it reacts the same. Heavily pixelated display along with just freezing up. I'm reading that there may be settings in the Go app that can be adjusted to make sure the downlink freq. is aligned with the receiver. i.e. freq. may be slightly offset. Haven't confirmed this yet.
  10. Hi wjules, As a rated pilot, you can go to the FAA FAAST site and the study material needed to pass the exam is included along with the actual test. Very simple and most of the numbers are the same as a typical 61 certification. I was able complete everything in 45 minutes and I'm not a genius by any definition of the word.. Best..
  11. Hello all, I'm using an iPad mini and for some reason the video on the display keeps breaking up and freezing. The actual video from the A/C looks fine, just the display. Any suggestions? The farthest I've flown it so far is only about 10-15 feet. Just learning. Thanks!
  12. The helicopter pilot community is already crawling out of their shorts.. A drone through the windshield at 100mph is a concern..
  13. Outstanding. Thanks kindly for this, Alan.
  14. So, if I'm already a rated pilot does this mean I just submit proof of my 61 cert with the app and I'm blessed? 100mph, Wow..
  15. It's a pleasure to hear from you Bruno. Although I have extensive experience in normal size aircraft, my experience in drones is very much in it's infancy and I'm sure I can use your expertise as well as others in this area. In fact, I just came back from making my first flight and am happy to say it went quite well. Small gentle movements is the key. A problem I am having though. I'm using an iPad Mini as my display along with the DJI Go app and for some reason the picture is pixelating quite a bit as well as just going to green momentarily. I don't believe that it's a distance issue. The far