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  1. You got a lot of good visuals from a limited source. Cool (in many ways) concept.
  2. I'll try and do that. I already went to the FAA Fly Safe and Airman Services sites and registered. Evidently my pilot's certificate is still on the books, because you can't get on Airman Services site if it isn't. It will be great if I can take a safety test and get an additional certification on my license. At my age (66) I was thinking I'd never have a use for it any more.
  3. I've had my P3P for a couple of months and am always looking for new avenues of information. Actually, I've got 2 P3Ps. I trusted the altitude reading and flew my first one into a tree, which sent it onto the pavement below. I got impatient and bought another one, while I decided what to do with the damaged one. I ended up sending it to DJI for repair, and decided to keep both, rather than selling one. I live on a farm in north central Illinois, about 7 miles from the Wisconsin state line. I have a recreational pilots license, but haven't flown in quite a few years. The flying bug is still in my blood, and my passion is photography. So when this UAV thing got going, I couldn't resist how it melded those two interests into a nearly perfect platform. Since I started posting some of my photos on the internet, I've been getting a few requests for "doing some jobs". Since that can cause problems with the FAA, I haven't pursued them. I was going to go for a 333 exemption, but just today, the FAA announced the new process. So my next step is to check into what that entails.