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  1. Hi Carlos, It is refreshing to see a video that uses drone footage mixed with other interesting views to tell a story. Watching great drone footage that is only drone footage only goes so far. I like the under water shots and under water/above water transitions. It's creative and really helps to tell the story of the event. A you said, this is a video of your vacation and your family. I think that since it's for your rememberances, you've done a great job. If you wanted to make a video of the venue for general web viewing. I suspect that you would have made different scene selec
  2. Some frame grabs of a public skating rink and a stone chapel in southern New Hampshire. That's about the limit of what I have, hence my interest in UAV Coach...
  3. Hi, I got a very small drone to experiment with adding aerial footage to public access cable productions. After looking at the licensing and liability, I stopped cold in my tracks. Now I'm pursuing getting a license post August 20th and look forward to adding another perspective to local event coverage. Some events cry out for aerial footage like the "Pink Ride" frame from a short segment in a video covering snow mobiles gathering for a ride through the country side to raise money to fight cancer.