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  1. Hi Carlos, It is refreshing to see a video that uses drone footage mixed with other interesting views to tell a story. Watching great drone footage that is only drone footage only goes so far. I like the under water shots and under water/above water transitions. It's creative and really helps to tell the story of the event. A you said, this is a video of your vacation and your family. I think that since it's for your rememberances, you've done a great job. If you wanted to make a video of the venue for general web viewing. I suspect that you would have made different scene selections. IMHO, I think concentrating on drone view only videos, as great as the views and shots are, is somewhat of a problem for the image of drones. Making videos where drone footage is not the main character, but only used to enhance story telling is what will pull drone technology into the main stream and foster greater acceptance of the technology. I've seen some advertisements where this has been beautifully done and IMO, makes for much more compelling and impactful drone footage. There will be exceptions where the story is best told from a drone view. My goal as a videographer is to have the viewer almost not realize that drones were used, but come away with appreciation for the video story as a whole. Dave
  2. Some frame grabs of a public skating rink and a stone chapel in southern New Hampshire. That's about the limit of what I have, hence my interest in UAV Coach...
  3. Hi, I got a very small drone to experiment with adding aerial footage to public access cable productions. After looking at the licensing and liability, I stopped cold in my tracks. Now I'm pursuing getting a license post August 20th and look forward to adding another perspective to local event coverage. Some events cry out for aerial footage like the "Pink Ride" frame from a short segment in a video covering snow mobiles gathering for a ride through the country side to raise money to fight cancer.