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  1. FlyByDroning

    The moment of pricing

    Just my two sense, but I wouldn't be too aggressive on rotating the batteries. Most manufacturers recommend that you do not charge immediately after usage and that you don't use a battery immediately after it's been charged. If the battery is still warm, it's best to wait it out. Otherwise you're looking at shorter overall battery life. That being said, this is tough to do when you're on site at a shoot. I rotate with 4 on my Venom charger at my sites. It will actually charge all 4 Phantom 3 batteries at the same time. By the time I get to the 4th battery, the 1st one is done charging and already cooling. Honestly, I probably should get 2 more batteries just to make sure that I can wait the right amount of time in between usage. Not sure what the recommended wait time is...Probably worth looking into.
  2. FlyByDroning

    Part 107 test tomorrow

    I'm thinking on the same lines as Isaac on this. It makes sense that they wouldn't give you a number until your background check is approved and the permanent certificate is issued. The temp cert seems to just be something you can carry and show that you've passed the test and applied for the permanent.
  3. FlyByDroning

    Part 107 test tomorrow

    I haven't gotten mine yet and I took mine on the 30th. Wasn't able to do my IACRA application until the night of the 31st. So, with the holiday weekend I'm not getting my hopes up on receiving it tomorrow.
  4. I might be a little late to answer you on this, but I believe you need to be in F mode. At least, that's the way the Phantom 3 is for course lock.
  5. FlyByDroning

    Part 107 test tomorrow

    This is on the home page of the IACRA site and says that it can take up to 72 hours. I'm guessing there is a flood of testing at these test sites and it has slowed the process down a lot.
  6. FlyByDroning

    Part 107 test tomorrow

  7. FlyByDroning

    Drone Pilot School site is DOWN??

    Looks like it's back online now.
  8. FlyByDroning

    Drone Pilot School site is DOWN??

    Getting this now, so I guess someone is working on it.
  9. Guys, I'm not able to get to the site for studying right now. Anyone else getting this?
  10. FlyByDroning

    Part 107 test tomorrow

    Thanks for the insight guys! I'm taking mine tomorrow afternoon. Getting my final night of studying in tonight. Congrats to those that have passed! Looking forward to having that same feeling. -Blake
  11. FlyByDroning

    FlyByDroning - Practicum video

    Much obliged!
  12. FlyByDroning

    FlyByDroning - Practicum video

    Take two @RemotelyPossible!
  13. FlyByDroning

    Gimbal Guard

    @Tony Rushing What are you flying? I put mine on my Phantom 3 several days ago and have flown several times without any issues. It's Carbon Fiber as well and just attaches with zip ties. Maybe those reviewers just had it positioned incorrectly?
  14. FlyByDroning

    FlyByDroning - Practicum video

    Thanks for the response. It's a little bit deceiving on the altitude because the background is actually going up hill so it looks like I'm getting lower than I actually am. That being said, I agree that I did let it get down more than I wanted it to on the 2nd maneuver. So, do I need to submit it again to pass? Thanks!
  15. Hey guys...I kind of got off camera a little on the last maneuver, so I apologize for that. Hopefully this will suffice. Thanks so much for all those that were involved in putting this course together. Great stuff guys!! -Blake Hesselrode (flybydroning) SkyBot Imaging - Franklin, TN