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  1. @Uaviator53Google says 200acres is .80 sq. km.! which means near about 500 flights needed to cover that much area. I really need something with which I can cover at least 10 sq. km.(2471.05 acres) in a single flight you can take a look at the .kml I have attached. But we will buy a smaller version also. So if your experience with firefly6 goes well I will surely buy one Area.kmz
  2. Manned airplane is absolute out of question. The only reason I think (do correct me if I'm wrong) UAV survey could be a game changer in India for it's ability of capturing stereo images with great accuracy. This way it can save money & time for ground survey (like total station) and it works great as most recent base map for a GIS user. Both satellite images and aerial photos (manned aircraft) are way too expensive. But as you both said a fixed wing UAV should do the job just fine. I'm still looking at different options but I think one UAV (having longer fly time like 50 mins to 1 hr.) with 2 extra batteries would be sensible idea. With these I think it might take upto 15 to 20 days to cover the area. @Lewis@IcarusAerials@Uaviator53 thanks both of you and I'm all ears for your suggestions
  3. @Lewis@IcarusAerials Doubling up batteries a great idea! I had no idea that this could be done! I was looking up different 3DR products and found them really amazing. Being a novice I still gotta do a lot more research but really thank you for your tip!
  4. Thanks for your reply! Will check the links and let you know thank you again..this was helpful
  5. Helllo everybody I'm Evan from India. I have been working as a GIS Professional for the past 7 years. Now in near future we might have to acquire aerial photographs of 400 Sq Km and prepare orthophotos. The study area has some significant undulations and forest cover as well. What I would like to know Can I propose a UAV survey method for this kind of project? If yes then roughly how long will it take to complete the flying (considering 10 cm. GSD)? What kind of UAV & software combination (e.g. DJI Phantom 4 with Pix4D Mapper) should I think about? Any help is much appreciated! -Regards, Evan Roy