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  1. Yes, I will. Went out for the first time yesterday with my Syma X5 SW but the breeze was too much for it. Couldn't control it as it is so light. Many crashes!!... Will find somewhere else that's not so windy, then hopefully I'll be able to take pix. I'll get the hang of it! Karen
  2. Hi RemotelyPossible, thanks for welcoming me! I loved the class I took, I was a complete beginner and they taught me so much about Drones and also marketing. They recommended the best Drones to start with, but I got a SYMA X5 as I don't need to be crashing an expensive one! I flew the Phantom 4 at the class, and I realize that this is a serious Drone, much different to the little Syma. I'm very excited to be involved in such a new market!
  3. Hi, I'm Karen and I was really looking for a new way to make money, and some-one introduced me to Drones. I took a class a couple of weeks back & I'm really interested in doing this. I only have the limited experience of flying that I did at the class, but now I'm looking to buy one of the beginner Drones to get started. I'm very excited to move forward into a new business! Even got my new name...Flyhidrones.com...