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  1. @Luke your the only one to get any response from this guy.
  2. @Dannø Nell don’t expect a response. No one has received a message from this Jeff. I’ve asked that this post be removed but so far no action.
  3. So I believe the site monitors should remove this post and ban this guy from future post. Apparently he has not responded to any requests. I left my info as many of you did. No response. Don’t know what his game is but he’s not looking for pilots as stated.
  4. I have read it, and do see what your saying. I have worked as an aviation professional for 35 years (airline aircraft mechanic). The AC you referred to is more than two years old. There are updates frequently to AC’s. So yes this is the way things are until there not. I was just passing along the info that the Feds told me that the process is being updated. You don’t have to believe me as you say.
  5. If you say so. But the IACRA IT guy said this was a glitch that was in process of being addressed. So according to him this will be corrected. The email instructions are a temporary walk around.
  6. Well thought it was me, turns out once again its the FAA falling down on the job! After waiting for my RECURRENT UAS test to be recognized by IACRA I went through the process to associate my test with my application to get my new UAS license. My test would not associate with my application. A red warning box popped up stating that my test was not a "UAS Knowledge test". Well of course it is it says so right on the IACRA site. It has all the correct info from my test and date I took it. So I called the IACRA IT desk to ask for help. The guy (Nick) at the IT desk said oh so sorry to hear about your problem, but its not you its the website thats the problem. He tells me that the website does not recognize the "RECURRENT TEST" as a valid test to renew the UAS license. He sent me an email to confirm this problem. So all of you out there taking the Recurrent test will not be able to complete the IACRA process. Nick did not give a time frame for a fix. Here is the email he sent me. From: Smethers, Todd CTR (FAA) Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2018 9:56 AM To: 'Natl-MyIT-Support-Leads Cc: Howe, Paul CTR (FAA); Hunt, Phillip CTR (FAA); Huysamen, Rieckus CTR (FAA); Keffer, Van CTR (FAA); Key, Donald CTR (FAA); Scarbrough, Joe CTR (FAA); Treat, Tom CTR (FAA) Subject: UAS Recurrent *For Tier 1 distribution To whom it may concern, Regarding UAS recurrent exam inquiries: There is no recurrent path in IACRA for UAS Renewal. Only ORIGINAL issuance is available in IACRA. Once a pilot has passed the Recurrent Knowledge Test or completed their Recurrent Training Course (if that’s how they qualified initially), they keep that documentation in their possession - ready to present to an FAA Inspector upon request. This information is on the web on the FAA’s website as well: Applying for a Remote Pilot Certificate with an sUAS Rating and Complying with Knowledge Recency Requirements Immediately upon completion of the certification or recurrentknowledge test, the applicant receives a printed Airman Knowledge Test Report (AKTR) documenting the score with the airman knowledge testing center's raised, embossed seal. The applicant must retain the original AKTR. Remote pilots with an sUAS rating must retain their passing certification or recurrent AKTR as proof of knowledge recency and must make it available to the Administrator upon request. When applying for a Remote Pilot Airman Certificate with an sUAS rating, the AKTR with passing results is valid for 24 calendar months. To exercise the privileges of the Remote Pilot Certificate with an sUAS rating, the applicant must comply with 14 CFR part 107, section 107.65. To show compliance with the requirement for aeronautical knowledge recency, as per 14 CFR part 107, section 107.65(b), the airman is to retain the AKTR with a passing grade. The Remote Pilot must also comply with the provisions of 14 CFR part 107, section 107.7(a)(2). ------------------------------------------------ Thank you. Todd CTR Smethers AVS Application Support Technician MyIT Service Center Federal Aviation Administration 1-844-FAA-MyIT (1-844-322-6948) Email:
  7. Ok figured it out. Yes you use IACRA as before. My issue was that when I start the new application process on IACRA it automatically thinks because I have a part 61 license that it auto fills in the info for the part 61 info and asks to provide annual info pertaining to my private pilot license. Since my licenses are separate you need to do some uncomfortable things on IACRA, you tell it NO! When it asks if you have the requested part 61 info you select NO. Once you select NO to the request IACRA will then give you different options. One selection now let’s you enter your UAS test number. note: They say it can take 48 hours for your test info to make it to the IACRA system.
  8. Correct I did not tie my part 107 Drone license to my part 61 private pilot license. Both of my license stand separate.
  9. Hi Jeff I own Eye N Sky Productions in Torrance California. I’m very active in this area mostly shooting real estate. Contact me with details please.
  10. Well where to start. Like you I also have a lifetime pilots license, which has nothing to do with my question. The fact that I said I took the 24 month recurrent 107 test means I currently have a a 107 license. Back to my original question. Now that Ive taken and passed my recurrent 107 license test. Is it the same IACRA process as when we all originally got our sUAS licenses. The reason I ask is my test proctor doesn’t know, that concerns me.
  11. So the place where I took the test couldn’t tell me what would happen next. Does my new license just come in the mail? Do I need to do anything?
  12. I should add that with my book of paperwork I carry a copy of the FAA reg that states that any person interfering with a pilot is in violation of law.
  13. I work in the South Bay Area. People are always very talkative when I’m trying to fly/work. Have had some unhappy spectators. I usually wear a high visibly vest with my company logo on the back. I wear a necklace holder with my UAS license and drone registration. I also have a notebook with all of my business docs. If anyone has a question I’m ready!
  14. Funny I started this thread a year and a half ago. These types of companies only have pilots because amatures are trying to break into the business. Since I started this thread my drone business has more work than I can handle. Why in the world would you take a job that makes no guaranty they will pay you.
  15. @Av8Chuck yes you are correct about what the Los Angeles Shariffs did. You are also correct in that they have no legal standing to over ride Federal law. So most of Southern California, including cities in Los Angeles County do not contract the Los Angeles police or shariffs departments. Many cities within Los Angeles county have their own police departments. This also means these cities do not recognize Los Angeles city rule changes. Like wise the attempts of the film industry have no control on these cities. I know because I have been to each city hall within 20 miles of the Southern California beach city to ask them what rules do they have for drone folks like us. I have a note book full that I take on my job sites in cases authories have questions. This is how i happened to be asked to speak on this topic. I was in the El Segundo city hall talking to James the Tax Revenue Officer. He was very interested in speaking with me. El Segundo is literally next to the south runway for Los Angeles international runway. He contacted me moths latter to speak in fromt of his group. Trust me @Av8Chuck if any of the cities that were present (not every city showed up) for this talk had opposition such as what you brought they would not have hesitated to say so.