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  1. @Ed O'Grady Here is the link to the FAA Waviers granted page. type in the search window “107.41” All of the 107.41 Airspace Waviers will be displayed. You are correct there could be Airspace Authorizations I don’t think those can be found.
  2. I’ve looked st the LAANC. I’m in the California South Bay. So this new offering doesn’t help me. Since I’m thinking about it I will add this little nugget. The company Drone Base emailed me with customer jobs in my area. These jobs were within 1 mile of Torrance airport. No one in this area has authority to fly a drone except for the Torrance police department. I’ve checked on the FAA waiver approved site. Yet each time I get these emails I go to the Drone Base app and the jobs have been taken by someone. This is what pives me. Eventually someone is going to do something stupid and we will all pay. So much for following rules.
  3. I have a Airframe & Power Plant license, Private Pilot License, UAS Licensee, all from FAA. I spent 30 years as a professional in the aviation industry. Worked with the FAA the whole time. Many of my former co-workers went to work for the FAA. So I say this with experience. The FAA is completely broken. 6 supervisors for every worker. Nothing gets done. They have more manpower working on keeping track of our paperwork than inspectors looking it over.
  4. You can always count on the government to fowl up things to the point that nobody is going to follow the rules. This of course due to no response from the FAA for waiver requests. I’ve been waiting for three Waivers I requested over three months ago. Here is the funny part. I included with each request a Previous approved FAA waiver that match my request exactly. The FAA has already approved waivers exactly like my requested waiver. This is beyond comprehension.
  5. Well no response from email. I did get an email rep once to my phone message I left them. “Hello. You called and asked about the status of your Part 107 airspace request. The FAA asks for your patience as the sheer volume of UAS Airspace requests has placed an overload on the FAA resources processing these requests. Airspace Authorizations take on average 90 business days to process. Airspace. This timeframe depends on volume received, complexity of the request, and accuracy of the information provided.”
  6. I’ve done most of what you have suggested. Plus I have diversified. I shoot stock footage for sale on shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Getty images. I’ve partnered with a local pro photography store and I teach a Drone Photography class. I have several sources of income for the business. There are many other ideas I have to branch out further but there are only so many hours in a day.
  7. I started my Southern California business one and a half years ago. I do all types of photography but focus on aerial and underwater (I’m a certified underwater photographer). As far as the drone aspect of the business I am currently waiting for the FAA to approve 3 airspace waivers. As a mentioned I operate in Southern California. 90 percent of the So. Cal. Beach area is controlled airspace. The poster initially asked for business challenges. My challenge is this. Even thought I will be the only wavered pilot in the So. Cal. Beach area, and I know this from the FAA approved waivers data, many real estate drone photographers are currently working as we speak illegally. I know this because the realtors tell me all of the photo people are flying drones. You can’t start a conversation trying to get someone’s business with “I’m the only legal guy”. They just don’t care to look into it and would never hire you. So finding a way in with all of the illegal operators is my challenge.
  8. I’ve been waiting for more than 90 days for three different airspace waivers I’ve applied for. I contact my FSDO office to inquire on my Waivers. He said I must go thru the waiver portal. Waiver portal? Is that a automated request form only? Any suggestions on who to contact with waiver questions?
  9. This is a good resource. One of my target areas had an ordinance I was not familiar with.
  10. Already done. I filed 3 separate requests 3 weeks ago. Just got the confirmation this morning from the FAA.
  11. @Steve Bennett as you can see by the photo of the controlled airspace in my target area getting waivers are essential to operating serously in this area. As to your statement that your doughtful I'll be granted waivers. I've had dealings with the FAA for 35 years, you need to do your research. In the area where I'm applying for airspace waivers the FAA has already issued waivers. How do I know this. Go to the FAA granted waivers, there are about one hundred 107.41's granted to date. I found 2 granted for my airspace needs in my area. Followed their example and applied. Although anything is possible with the FAA they would be hard pressed to deny me when they have previously granted a identical request. PS always add the previously approved waiver numbers in your request. That way the FAA has a lot harder time saying no.
  12. @R Martin also good advise. My last waiver took I think 3 months. Although I would like these approvals yesterday I'm going the waiver route for two reasons. 1. I'm in this for the long haul and have precious little time on a day to day basis and constantly worrying about when I need to send in another authorization request is not something that thrills me. 2. I've included in my waiver requests as reference previously granted waiver numbers for my exact request thinking this may speed things up. How can the say no when they have already approved others just like mine. Well they are the FAA and anything is
  13. @R Martin Thats good advice. I've gotten my daylight operations Wavier. Should have payed more attention to the airspace where my target customers are sooner. Its just impossible to do business in the southern California beach areas without getting at least 4 airspace waivers for major airports. I wrote and submitted them to the FAA tonight, now the waiting game. So this is the next big thing, I looked at every FAA 107.41 airspace waivers granted (there are not that many). There is no way anyone in my area has an airspace wavier other than 3 I saw my police department wrote. So how do you go about telling all the realtors in my area and there are hundreds that no one is flying legally. You don't want to be that guy, but then again it is a fact. Are the relators on the hook for hiring a Drone company that does not have the proper airspace waivers? Or is it that the realtor can just claim ignorance and direct the FAA the drone guys way when questions get asked?
  14. I live and want to operate my drone photography business in a very congested airspace. Refer to photo. There are 4 airports with airspace restrictions ( class D, class E) that cover all the cities in my area. Now here is the question for those of you that have approved airspace waivers. Due to multiple cities under each of the individual airports. I would like to make 1 request for each airport airspace. Saying something like "the class D and E airspace surrounding the Torrance airport ". Can I get away with general language like that or do I have to give a very specific location within that airspace? If I get away with general location I would only have to write 4, 1 for each airport. If specific location required I will have to write many. What are your thoughts? I should also say that one realtor told me that all the photographers in this area have drones. I'll put money on not one of them having a COA!!!
  15. @Spitfire76 ahhh! That is the FAA's maps. When they first went online I tried to use it put their maps were not online and I haven't been back since. That sure makes things a lot easier to work with. Thanks!
  16. See this is why I asked the question here. Just looking at the sectional there is a lot going on in that area. @Spitfire76 I've not seen the "UAS facility map" you screen captured here. I'm going to google it but while I'm here. Where did you get that app or software?
  17. @Av8Chuck the link I provided is of the entire US. It's interactive so just go south of where you were to Los Angeles.
  18. I only found out by accident that I needed a permit in that city. The funny thing is that the police officers that issued me the permit were more interested in my underwater photography. I do both.
  19. Ps if you need a sectional for the Los Angeles area.
  20. So I have a need to shoot photo in a city called El Segundo, ca. It is located directly south of LAX. Now as I study the map I note the area that is the city limit does not extend to the beach, shows a obstacle 462 ft (buildings), 2,500 ft floor east of the city, and the B airspace has a 5,000 ft floor. In my estimation I have no airspace issues with this city. My only issue is the 3 mile from airport rule. So when asking for waiver do I only ask for relief to operate within the city limits of El Segundo? I know you guys are smarter Then I am so you'll have some input.
  21. Calling all of the city halls in my perspective work areas to verify there are no other cities with a drone ordinance so I don't run into another issue. The city of El Segundo, ca gave me some weird answers that didn't make sense. Drove down to their city hall, I ended up in front of the city business guy. He had a lot of questions for me as well. Turns out he regards me as a drone expert (don't know about that) and wants me to come speak in front of their city council meeting so that I can educate the body with insight. My fear is that I'll say something that triggers more regulation on our already overly regulated industry. Fingers crossed!
  22. I accepted a job shooting an event last weekend, don't normally do events but this was a big real estate office owner how could I pass that up. While going over the details of the event to plan my shooting I slip in the offer to shot drone photos as well as normal photography. Client has many listings in a neighboring city called Hermosa Beach. She tells me in that city they need a permit to fly drones, I told her that was good info but in your city we are just fine. Everything was great packed up, went home, looked up Hermosa Beach. I'm going to try and do business with this business owner so I need info. Sure enough she's correct. I go down to city hall where they redirect me to the police department, pay my $145 dollars, the officer stickers my drone and gives me the appropriate permit paperwork. Now this is not a filming permit like every city in my area has . This is a straight up city ordinance to allow commercial or amateur to fly a drone in their city. I told the officer this is exactly like telling someone you may have a drivers license that allows you to drive in any city in this country but you'll need a permit to drive thru ours.
  23. To all, My intentions are not to as you put it jam someone up. Nor do I wish for others to do so. My intended purpose for even starting this thread if you go back to the beginning is the obvious question that will be asked about not following our 107 rules as evidenced by photographic proof. I've been a pilot and a photographer for more than 30 years. I've worked with and around the FAA for that long as well. 2 things I can tell for a certainty. 1. The FAA questions everything period! 2. Any apparent wrong doing on even a few pilots part will mean trouble for all of us! So in other words, I could care less what your doing that will get you in trouble. I care about the know it all that thinks he can do or say anything he wants that will effect my business. In the 90's while still at the airline I found that the FAA is no joke dispite what some think. So my point. Why are we posting photographic evidence that will at the very least start the FAA down the road of distrust for ALL of us.
  24. I also would suspect daylight rule was broken but not possible to prove without seeing his flight record. But it was dead dark on one shot.