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  1. Help me out here @Up Sonder. Watched the video you shared. He had flown at one point around the Los Angeles Coliseum. Check the sectional for this airspace and get back to me. I see that as the crow flies the Coliseum is 10 miles from LAX. This is class B airspace above the Coliseum and the floor of the class B is 2500 ft. Do you need to notify anyone being that we are held to 400 ft. Well below the class B floor?
  2. I've had my drone photo/video business for a while. You get used to what the ground looks like at our max altitude of 400 ft. I recently joined instagram to promote the business and discovered some disturbing things. I see a lot of straight down photos (mostly beach) that were clearly taken from hundreds of feet past our 400 ft max. These photos are from supposed businesses if you believe their instaram profiles. This scares me because of the possible trickle down effect on those of use doing the right things by following all of the regs. Just thought I would vent.
  3. Here is something good for our industry.
  4. This is seriously expensive.
  5. @Ed O'Grady thanks for the info. I think I'm going to shy away from this one. With my luck the photo will sell thousands of copies on my Adobe contributor site and I'll be sued. Right or wrong don't need the hassle.
  6. I'm a commercial 107 pilot. Do I need the stadiums permission when I'm not going to be over their property. Shot will be taken offset from their land.
  7. Do I have the right to sell the image of the stadium?
  8. Is it legal to take an aerial photo of Dodger stadium to sell?. Before I go to the trouble of doing this I was wondering if anyone here knows the answer.
  9. Haven't seen this here yet. Here you go.
  10. @Uaviator53 I do appreciate all the input. You can never have to much information. I've been on a mission today. I've written a very comprehensive Wavier request. I did as you suggested and taken each of the 5 performance items and beat them to death! Lots written on night vision alone to appease the mighty FAA. Funny thing is I was a flight test tech for Mc Donnell Douglas and received an actual night vision training certification. So me trying to get this is and having trouble is kinda funny.
  11. @Uaviator53 Thanks for the info. As I'm finding after some research this morning that I made the mistaken assumption the FAA would refer to my application and send it to me via e-mail during this process. Not as an excuse but I entered all of the data on the FAA site from my iPhone during a job and wasn't thinking. I will have to request a copy of my app as i did not save it when submitted. Not my usual record keeping but I made a mistake. Here is the FAA denial letter, that I do have. FAA daylight operations denied 3-29-17.pdf
  12. Is there anyone willing to share their insights on how to write a approved daylight operations request to the FAA? I wrote what I thought was an iron clad request. Not so much. You could private message me the info, hint, hint. Would very much appreciate any help.
  13. @Uaviator53 I thought I had to share this because I have not seen this before. I totally do not believe this will be good for any us.
  14. Ok I'm not one to spread hate and discontent. But I also don't like fellow pilots getting ripped off either. Apparently there is a retailer for our Drone World ( pun intended) that is not playing nice. Read this and beware.
  15. Not sure if this has been mentioned before. Thought I would post just in case. I personally don't like this idea.
  16. @Av8Chuck @eColumbia99 what do you guys think? I would even consider at product 360 software.
  17. Simple question. Looking for software to stitch, create 3D model, output with player or be able to use output stand alone file. Just 3D model don't need any other function. And low cost.
  18. @David Kraft you said something that caught my attention. What credentials do you hang around your neck? Could you also elaborate on your experience with police contact. What did they say, did a neighbor call, or owner call?
  19. I've decided that Verifly is the way to go for me. I like the option of different coverages for job to job.
  20. After reading the Drone Base info the claim to pay out 50% of price Pano to the pilot. They also say that prices can vary. At a $19 pay out they only charged $38 for your work. Not worth my time.
  21. Update: Received a email from FAA with application reference number for my Waiver app. YES! Now just wait for 3 months!
  22. @Alan Perlman I applied for a Daylight operation waiver.
  23. Alan I use the Du-Bro 499. Make sure you get the correct balancer shaft for your drone prop. The 4 and 4 Pro use the 3mm shaft that you must purchase separately. Du-Bro 499 Tru-Spin Prop Balancer