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  1. Thanks Hawkeye Aerial. My research also came to the same conclusion - very powerful but a very steep learning curve. One appealing aspect of litchi is it's downloaded to the UAV and not just code added to the app on the controller. As I understand it that means it can continue its flight plan even if communication with the controller is lost. I'm wondering if Autopilot might be too complicated for me at this point. On the other hand starting with one then moving to the other might be tricky as well. Thanks for your detailed reply. Hopefully someone with similar Litchi experience will reply too.
  2. Creeping past Newbie status putting more hours in - so much fun. I've become familiar and more confident with my DJI P3A features like Follow, POI etc I'm enjoying videography and pictures, but also have an eye to more pragmatic subject areas that @Alan Perlman posted about. In turn this lead me to research on waypoint setting apps like Autopilot and Litchi Looking for wisdom on these 2 apps, or others, from this elite group of experts. Thanks in advance.
  3. New to all aspects of UAVs but particularly fascinated with your line of study. Hope you continue to post often.
  4. That song immediately went through my mind @Christopher Bride. when I read your intro. Please keep us posted on your endeavor and I'm sure you can teach us a great deal too. I'm new to the UAV space too, but am really excited about all aspects. Love getting in on the ground floor of things!
  5. Let me ask you a technical question. Since my P3A has the 2.7k camera I'm using MP4 with H264. The quality looks phenomenal to me. But what about FPS. My research suggest using higher FPS, like 60, for motion. SInce 99% of UAV video is motion oriented it stands to reason higher FPS is best. Is this your experience? Any times you suggest using lower fps like 24 or 30? Looks like the DJI camera can support a lots of variables but mt Cyberlink Powerdirector editing s/w freaks out if the project is set for a different FPS than the clip. It seems I would need to stick to the same FPS per project - so much to learn
  6. interesting project. this is why I love this forum!
  7. Thanks for the intriguing question Alan. You’re quite the diplomat. Yes, this video did not conform to any video producing best practices so the story was lost, if it ever had one. The subject was quite interesting though and perfect for UAV video. You may have gathered that, seen from the ground this outside artwork simply looked like crowd control fencing suspended on posts. As you could see from the air, at the right altitude, the right and left sides of the brain appear. People in my area of Raleigh NC were perplexed and frustrated by the piece because it’s difficult to relate to from the ground and there is no elevated position to view it– go figure. My real goal as a newbie was putting more flight time in with my DJI P3A and randomly experimenting with video editing software. With your spur perhaps I’ll try again giving more thought to development, pre-production, production and post-production. Thanks for taking the time to review and comment.
  8. Welcome Michael. I look forward to learning from your many years of experience.
  9. Hey @Silk Purse Tried to view your portfolio but couldn't get the link to work.
  10. Trying to get used to UAV and video editing.
  11. Yep you're hooked alright!! Hope to be able share a video I shot today soon. Now I'm in deep!
  12. Thanks @mfsinger i'll look forward to your message.
  13. I did some editing about 5 years ago as a hobby working on family camcorder videos. Like all things technical the field has expanded exponentially!! I purchased Cyberlink Powerdirector 13 based on reviews and price. I'm sure i'll upgrade to more sophisticated s/w once i understand the basics better. Are there any tutorials on the subject you would recommend?
  14. I'm a newbie so take my input for what it's worth. I bought the DJI P3 Adavnced - same as the pro version but with a 2.7K camera instead of 4K. So easy to fly this thing in GPS mode. I don't mean to downplay the importance of learning and being prepared as I watched hours of tutorials. But this machine is sweet. I hope to evolve to a career of sorts, but for me time is the new currency so something on the side that can support my new "habit" will suffice. Can't imagine shooting video without a gimbal. I'm amazed at the smooth results and image quality. 4K might be a bit challenging to edit for another year or so. I got mine from Amazon but not a package, Of course now I have purchased extra batteries, hardshell backpack ipad mini shade cover, controler harness etc. Not sure if the package deal would have saved that much, but probably. I fly with an older ipad mini which is ok but gets hot here in NC summertime. Also had to buy anti glare cover so I could see it better. Hope that helps. I feel great about my DJI purchase. Now I'm trying to learn more about video editing.