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  1. I am looking for an app that I can put in the latitude and longitude as a spot and have my drone fly there and only there. Maybe I am missing something in DJI GO and if so please let me know, but can't figure this one out. Thanks!
  2. Did the farmer ever get back to you? What I have done with farmers is let them know that I am not an agronomist, but most have one they use and that the information can help the agronomist narrow their searches when in the field saving time. So far has worked well.
  3. It's been less than expected, and clients ideas of what things should cost are entirely way too low. I am apart of Dronebase and droners.io and it's insane. On Droners.io I have seen multiple people requesting commercial photos/video 1-3 min for $150. And what's more insane is that there are 15 bids on it! In any case I do believe my business will eventually grow, but I know its going to take a lot of work to develop it.
  4. Ahh I misread it Damage to any property, other than the small unmanned aircraft, unless one of the following conditions is satisfied: The cost of repair (including materials and labor) does not exceed $500; or The fair market value of the property does not exceed $500 in the event of total loss.' I thought the unless meant that if the drone also was above the 500....well I will wait to hear from the FAA and let them know that there wasn't a need for the report as the damage was to drone only. Thanks for the catch
  5. Hi all, I have recently had to submit to the FAA that I had a crash because the damage to my drone and equipment was more than $500. They originally ask for pretty general information and I got a further email saying they may contact me for more info. Just seeing if anyone has had experience with the process beyond the initial filing?
  6. Okay...I think I found some help for it, but is the Z3 camera up to snuff for something like this? Since I don't do this normally unless I get more requests I am hesitant on buying a better cinema type camera...
  7. I haven't....I operate agriculture mainly, but have wanted to do something like this for a while, just never had the opportunity. And I agree this would be better off with two persons
  8. First off congrats on the first steps of entrepreneurship...information seeking. I have a very small precision ag business that I do on the side. This is my second year and still trying to grow the client list. I'd ask what are your main crops, do you have any agronomy background? If you don't can you partner with one? What size of fields will you be covering? Are the farmers in your area interested on precision agriculture? Are they willing to fork out the cash, because you need more than just aerial coverage for precision agriculture, but also soil samples which adds up really q
  9. I have been asked if I could fly the event. I already have a authorization to fly the area (maximum of 100ft) from the FAA, but I know it's impossible to get the Part 107.39 waiver. I think they are largely looking for the very beginning when everyone is in their carts and shooting off to their respective holes. There are multiple areas I can gain footage of this that won't be over people or within even 100ft. If I tether the uav so that it is impossible for it to go out of this "safe" area do you think I should accept the job? Thanks in Advance
  10. I own the slantrange 2p, but heard the 3p is even better. I have not used the red-edge, but have also heard good feedback from it.
  11. So just saw that we can pre-order this and I have been eyeing the mavic pro for a while, but I think this new looks to be even better for cheaper. I currently own a m100 that is setup for ag, so getting it out and trying to capture sunsets and other photos is a giant pain. Having a little guy like this that can be up in a couple minutes seems to be worth the cost. What's your thoughts on the product? screenshot from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9j2lqAjMqJc
  12. If you have $10,000 flying through the air, it may be beneficial to know where its at even when you lose communication from on-board system. If you have $60 flying around then probably not so much.
  13. Pix4d Has a beta version for mac out now i believe
  14. A cheaper way to learn or what I have done is I bought a smaller drone (for like $60-100). These are much more agile and difficult to handle than the larger UAVs (IMO). I fly it in similar orbits or patterns as I would my larger UAV. Once I felt comfortable flying this one around I tried my Matrice 100 out. Wow what a difference! Obviously I have to account for inertia more with my m100, but I was comfortable with it almost out of the box, because I put a lot of time with my little quad. This is worth a shot until you find a program that meets your needs and won't break the bank if y