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  1. Hey Guys, I made a video this weekend and set it to some music. I would appreciate any feedback from any pros out there. Remember to watch in full HD. Enjoy and thank you!
  2. I shot over Mt Tom last night with some top down views. My settings were as follows: 4K output at 1080 24fps 24fps 50 shutter speed (I needed to put on an ND 16 filter to get the shutter to 50) Why do I get the choppy stepping? Do I need to fly slower? Or should I shoot at a higher framerate like 30 or 60 and then slow it down in post? Thanks, -- Bert Perry Owner/UAV Pilot
  3. Thanks for the info. They are not looking for anything nearly as complex as you are talking about. Basically a visual aid. Final product would be embedded on their web page. It will be a selling tool for the property. They just want a visual representation of the area and some elevation readings. It looks like DroneDeploy has a good solution that I will look into. Thanks for the help. Bert
  4. Hello, I just got asked to to a project which involves surveying. The client would like a 29 acre area of land referenced and have a 3D map showing elevations if possible. What is the best program to use for this? I have a Phantom 3 Pro and an Inspire 1 Pro to take the pictures. Also, how much would you charge for this? The client also wants pics and a video fly over. If anyone has any good advice and a good place to see examples, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! Bert P
  5. Hey Guys, Does anyone have any experience shooting weddings? I have been asked and need to figure out pricing and if there a good place I could go to and see examples of aerial vids and pics. Thanks, Bert
  6. Thanks for the input. I appreciate your thorough advice. I just got an I1 and getting used to it. So far, I love it!
  7. Oh really? That is sad to hear. That's basically what I get here. How much? That's too much.. I just want a couple quick shots. I get beaten down before I even start. No appreciation.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I agree the music should be toned down. I am targeting higher end real estate and hotels. I do not want to get involved with quick real estate projects. I have considered a couple of those and the realtors want the world and do not wan to pay.
  9. I have been using a Phantom 3 Pro to shoot my videos so far and I have been very happy with it. I am looking to do some more professional stuff and wanted to upgrade my drone. I am either going with the Phantom 4 Pro or getting a used Inspire 1 with X5 camera. I am not sure which way to go. I would like to have the option of dual operators on some shots and the ability to change lenses. But, I have heard that the Phantom 4 Pro blows away even the X5 and will give much longer flight times. What are the flight times of an Inspire 1 with the X5 mounted? I am just looking for something more professional than wha I have now. Does anyone have any experience with an Inspire 1 and P4P that could help me decide on which decision would be best? Thanks, Bert
  10. Hi All, I was wondering if i cold get a little feedback on my Real Estate reel? I only have a little footage to work with, but here it is. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bert
  11. Weather was nice this weekend, so I went flying in Rockport, MA. Nothing special, but some nice footage. Slight wind of 10mph with some gusts. I shot with a P3P 24fps with a 50shutter speed. Also used a Polar Pro 16 ND/PL filter. Feedback appreciated.
  12. I started getting an ESC error right after I updated firmware awhile back. Since I have replaced my shell (there was stress fracture I thought may be the cause) and the motors. Still getting it. So usually I get it, restart and then no message. When I change batteries, same thing... error message, restart, then fine. Also noticed that it takes longer for the drone to warm up (sometimes 2 minutes). I have have no issues flying and it has been rock solid. SO my next step is to take it to a local DJI authorized repair center to have them run a diagnostics test. I am thinking it is the firmware or there is an issue with an EXC chip on my board. I am flying a P3P. Is anyone else having the same issue?
  13. Hello, I am getting an ESC error. I think it is either a bad motor or one of the ESC chips on the mother board. I want to do the repair myself, but I am wondering if there is a way I can isolate the issue with using some sort of diagnostics tool. Is there anything that I can run on the drone to analyze the problem? How can I tell what the problem is before I start replacing parts? Thanks! Bert