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  1. That's awesome thank you for the info. Just out of curiosity, I thought sdhc only went up to 32 gb and that over 32gb and up to 64 gb is sdxc?
  2. Sorry original post wasn't clear and had a typo. Im asking specifically for the standard. Their is no spec listed on their website for the max size for the standard. They list it for all other Phantom 3 models but not the standard. I've spoke to several reps and a supervisor from DJI and they only guarantee a 16gb will work, 64 theoretically should since it does on the others but they cannot be sure. Wanted to see if someone here has personal experience trying a 64gb card in the Phantom 3 standard.
  3. Phantom 3 max SD card size? Does anyone know what the max size would be? It's listed as 64gb for all other Phantom 3 models on the website but I spoke with DJI tech support several times with differentreps to try and get an answer and they don't have one. They think 16 should work fine but 64 is theoretical they say, there's no guarantee the 64 will work.... I'm at a loss here.
  4. Hey guys my name is Dan and I am brand new to this site, forum, and everything drone! I am extremely excited about all things drone and I am very eager to learn. I am hoping to connect with others in the community here as I have no experience and roughly 7645333872 questions. I live in Chicago and consider myself about one of the most outgoing people ever. If you have any questions for me ask anything anytime. In hopes of getting some basic info out of the way so you know where my head is at, I have been spending a lot of time reading and researching and dreaming for about 2 years now and I th