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  1. I carry the TSA set of rules as a laminated sheet re: LIPO Batteries with me, ready to show any gate or TSA agent if questioned. I don't know why AeroMexico doesn't subscribe to TSA rules, but every carrier has the option to NOT allow batteries. Additional to that, I carry all my batts in "fire safe" Lipo Bags, labeled: Batteries Discharged to 30%. When I fly with my big drones and check them as baggage, invariably TSA will open the the TSA approved locks. When they lift the lid of my wheeled large cases, there is a large paper sheet laminated to a random FAA Sectional chart, (suggesting I am a professional) within the case: saying in block letters: : NO BATTERIES ENCLOSED IN THIS CASE. (with a full list of everything in the case.
  2. Steve Cohen, in New Jersey has done underwater mapping of Manatee vegetation sites in Florida using aerial drones.
  3. First of all, Nikon, Canon, Olympus and nearly every photo platform produces consumer level gear. While Nikon in its early days, trumpted that it was the NIKON F that professionals used, it was marketing hype to get vacation and family photographers to buy into the NIKON brand. And they did, hoping a $200 camera would make them all Eddie Adams'es. Why should DJI be different. George Eastman's motto, "You push the button, we do the rest," could easily be the slogan for the Mavic Air. Its axiomatic that mass sales are necessary to be the base for developing of professional gear. That said, the dizzying product introductions by DJI suggests to me, many of the products are "stalking horses" to determine what really flies? DJI is well tuned into the pro/enterprise market. The Inspire 2 and the Matrice series certainly go that direction The Phantom4Pro is a gem because it has so much good going for it. It is my humble opinion you may see an advanced Mavic Air within 3-6 months with a bigger sensor. And return of a focusing lens. For the You Tubers, the choice of fixed focus or not. But the Mavic Air is squarely planted to appeal to the millennials who want a cute, working, safe, "story telling" drone easy to use to get footage on social media with no real bother. I too was disappointed that the Mavic Pro still utilizes the same sensor as Phantom 3 Pro. While video is the darling for the You tubers, pod casts and the like, pro photographers still want high quality bit depth in the still image. I think DJI understands that...but kinda shoots loyal consumers in the leg, when products are released as the next best thing since sliced bread, when Inspire came out with X5 camera, then not long after the X5S camera....and then the Inspire 2 able to lift the heavier camera easily. I mean how many drones do we need to invest in, to get a fully realized piece of gear, with firmware that works without glitches....Cendence, Crystal Sky....sheesh...MO money. I had hoped the big NYC press roll out for Mavic Air might be coupled with an announcement that a huge unused Bronx warehouse in Hunt's Point, had been bought to install an East Coast Genius Bar and Service Center with highly skilled technical help that can do more than read the printed playbook. Oh well I can dream, I guess. Jonathan Atkin NYC/owner/pilot Phantom 2, Phantom 3 Pro, Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic Pro, Inspire 1 (two aircraft) Inspire 2.
  4. The apple mini ipad 4 has an upgraded processor that should eliminate all the former messages that some received on the Mini it was essentially overwhelmed. My Mini ipad has all of the other functions turned OFF..and I fly in Airplane mode. cheers
  5. Ed: Much of Ptown area is National Seashore, but the town itself and its piers and marinas are NOT. SkyVector clearly marks what is and what is NOT. If you follow the heavy blue lines that encompass the seashore, you will see the town itself and the monument is NOT in the National Park. You can fly into Truro as well....its tricky. I did fly at the town dump...frankly, I don't think that was in the seashore area, but after all it was the dump....with great solar panels. Airport and PD said, no problem. They are the rule makers. (PVC (airport is owned by the National Park Service hey, if the airport says it's ok that seems to be fine. Fair disclosure: While I don't know the PD or "Butch" personally, my twin has had a condo in PTOWN for over 12 yrs and I am known by a few well placed folks in town, that said, I don't think I was given any special consideration.
  6. RE CLASS E AIRSPACE: Over the past Labor Day weekend I flew in Provincetown, MA, or "PTOWN." Interesting drone issues on the very tip of Cape Cod. a town that swells to many thousands of day trippers and summer residents, guests far beyond its base population. PTOWN supports a very active PVC airport, called Ptown Municipal Airport, aka "MUNI." Ptown is officially in Echo Airspace, "unregulated under 700" feet but according to the sectional: down to 500 AGL. However "unregulated" aside, the double whammy is the airport proximity, as it is very close to anywhere in town. But its easy to stay away from it as it is on the far end of "Race Point." . One restrictive bit of geography is the entire area features the National Cape Cod Seashore, a National Park, which prohibits all drone over flights, launching or landing in the National Seashore. And the sectionals clearly show those boundaries. There are sections of Ptown where drone flight is permitted, and other areas "down the road" with less restrictions. To fly "in town" the MUNI airport requires pilots to check in with a very gracious airport manager, Arthur "Butch" Lisenby. Because Ptown is grappling with drone permitting, "Butch" requests notification on planned flights as well as a heads-up to the Ptown Police Department. Early morning flights are generally permitted: hence no people. MUNI and the PD were gracious and appreciative. While I informed both "MUNI" & the PD prior to each flight, they became a tad annoyed at my frequent calls. They would have preferred a "shot list" with times and locations in one call or so. However, I was flying ad-hoc, with high winds often changing my plans. The DJI Geo Fencing had to be alerted to allow flight & became annoying, as I had PERMISSION! And I had gone to the website to register my flight plans but evidently my time frame didn't "take" & had to re-do the request every morning. OF course the big brother of DJI had no idea I was fully permitted by local authorities. LOL. Fortunately wifi was readily available to get into the DJI system, where I was already registered. Hands down, the Ptown Police were sweet, acknowledged they were trying to find a good "middle ground" to insure drones weren't over people etc. Hats off the "MUNI manager Butch and Ptown PD. and Chief Jim Golden and his dispatch PO Sara Bartholomew.
  7. Dear Friends: The proposal by Senator Feinstein is fraught with flaws and vagueness but unfortunately represents issues raised nationwide by many who are not fully informed. .Its not simply California. I wrote the following letter, mailed this weekend to the Senator.