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  1. UAV EXPO: Unlike many fellow drone pilots, I didn't discover aerial photography as a gee whiz drone attribute. As a freelance aerial photographer, my first manned helicopter flight was in high school. Having grown up, mounting cameras on roof-tops, cherry pickers, crane buckets, under sail planes, under industrial kites launched from the Queen Elizabeth 2, in the Bermuda Triangle, Friday the 13th I crashed; broke my wrist. Monopods, hot-air balloons and para-sails have been camera platforms. Broke two bones; paralyzed briefly one leg in these adventures. When drones became a reality
  2. I carry the TSA set of rules as a laminated sheet re: LIPO Batteries with me, ready to show any gate or TSA agent if questioned. I don't know why AeroMexico doesn't subscribe to TSA rules, but every carrier has the option to NOT allow batteries. Additional to that, I carry all my batts in "fire safe" Lipo Bags, labeled: Batteries Discharged to 30%. When I fly with my big drones and check them as baggage, invariably TSA will open the the TSA approved locks. When they lift the lid of my wheeled large cases, there is a large paper sheet laminated to a random FAA Sectional chart, (
  3. Steve Cohen, in New Jersey has done underwater mapping of Manatee vegetation sites in Florida using aerial drones.
  4. First of all, Nikon, Canon, Olympus and nearly every photo platform produces consumer level gear. While Nikon in its early days, trumpted that it was the NIKON F that professionals used, it was marketing hype to get vacation and family photographers to buy into the NIKON brand. And they did, hoping a $200 camera would make them all Eddie Adams'es. Why should DJI be different. George Eastman's motto, "You push the button, we do the rest," could easily be the slogan for the Mavic Air. Its axiomatic that mass sales are necessary to be the base for developing of professional gear. That said, t
  5. The apple mini ipad 4 has an upgraded processor that should eliminate all the former messages that some received on the Mini it was essentially overwhelmed. My Mini ipad has all of the other functions turned OFF..and I fly in Airplane mode. cheers
  6. Ed: Much of Ptown area is National Seashore, but the town itself and its piers and marinas are NOT. SkyVector clearly marks what is and what is NOT. If you follow the heavy blue lines that encompass the seashore, you will see the town itself and the monument is NOT in the National Park. You can fly into Truro as well....its tricky. I did fly at the town dump...frankly, I don't think that was in the seashore area, but after all it was the dump....with great solar panels. Airport and PD said, no problem. They are the rule makers. (PVC (airport is owned by the National Park Service
  7. RE CLASS E AIRSPACE: Over the past Labor Day weekend I flew in Provincetown, MA, or "PTOWN." Interesting drone issues on the very tip of Cape Cod. a town that swells to many thousands of day trippers and summer residents, guests far beyond its base population. PTOWN supports a very active PVC airport, called Ptown Municipal Airport, aka "MUNI." Ptown is officially in Echo Airspace, "unregulated under 700" feet but according to the sectional: down to 500 AGL. However "unregulated" aside, the double whammy is the airport proximity, as it is very close to anywhere in town. But its
  8. Dear Friends: The proposal by Senator Feinstein is fraught with flaws and vagueness but unfortunately represents issues raised nationwide by many who are not fully informed. .Its not simply California. I wrote the following letter, mailed this weekend to the Senator.