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  1. Great. Of those two, I am extremely confident the x5 will give you drastically better results. Also, why are you thinking X3 at 150 and X5 at 200? compare apples to apples, and fly X5 at 150 for best results. If you are having issues with drone deploy, let us know your process, or send a link to your dataset and we will run it locally. thanks
  2. @Ronk, Let me know what the processing issue was! What camera are you hooking this "Ole" lens to, I am not familiar with it. If you have a 4/3rds setup with an Olympus 45mm lens, I think that the vastly larger image sensor will give you a better overall product. If you want an online calculator that will tell you exactly how many pixels/cm you will get, as well as many other details about a recommended flight, check here: Even if your camera is not on their list, you can input focal length and resolution for it to do the math. If you give me more camera details, I would be happy to run the math for you. (You don't mention which DJI camera you have as well, they have a few!) Thanks!
  3. Also, we plan to include in-app measuring in Photoscan in future classes, but wanted to 101 to be concepts, and accessible for everyone.
  4. Uaviator, Thats a start! what settings did you run that on? "low" for all processes? 500 photos is a good sized photoset, and it is understandable to take you computer a few hours. Now that you have run model and verify that you have enough overlap (there are no holes in what I ma seeing), why don't you try uploading it to one of the cloud providers, I would suggest MME, and you can take measurements from their site, processed much faster than your computer could. Also, is the... Oklahoma shape of your data correct, or did you have some images in the bottom right corner that were left out?
  5. (If there is this much interest in accidents, we will try and move things around to make this a standalone topic) Skyview is in NC and they get a lot of good press, here is a recent study they did some LEOs I do not want to go on the record saying if you can get millimeter accuracy, as we typically fly much farther away. I believe that it would scale favorably. To look at how marketable this information is, I think those interested should check out . Mark Johnson was in the SkyCatch Beta with us, and this stuff is his focus. Odds are the usage of any accident map is not necessarily to differentiate the tires used for the skid marks, but just to catalog the scene. For those experienced with 3d modeling, you can re-create cars and physics simulators on these accurate models. This video, is pretty darn cool.