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  1. Thanks, I followed the advice and examples from UAV coach. Thanks @Alan Perlman! I'll be trying a night waiver soon. Hopefully it goes as well.
  2. Good luck. I've gotten "authorizations" for both SEA class B and BFI class D. The FAA used to give them for my specific sites but the last auths I rec'd are now for "wide area", so they finally got smart. The LAANC will most likely be implemented here in Seattle before your requests. Just for reference SEA class B took 159 days and BFI took 135 days and the requests were sent in Feb 17' & Aug 17' respectively.
  3. We will be there again this year. Hopefully we can meet up.
  4. Hello, My name is Steve and I live in Kent, WA. It doesn't seem like there are many from the NW on here. Just started flying a practice drone until I'm skilled enough to step up. Finished the ground school and passed the AKT. Thanks to Alan and UAV Coach!!! Headed to inter drone next week if anyone wants to meet and network.
  5. Not to revive an old thread but I live in Kent, WA. I just started flying so not very experienced.