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  1. Thank you for the welcome. Thus far I have had the quad hover a bit and working on becoming accustomed to the other controls with the quad facing different directions from my point of view. This has been a hoot so far! I am enjoying reading the different topics on here and trying to use the correct terms. I will keep practicing and intend on pushing myself to get better.
  2. Hello, After months of reading various articles, reviews, and searching for a quality forum- here is where I landed. I am new to this type of RC; however, I have raced nitro trucks and buggies and over the past few years have been in the rock crawler realm. The air vehicles have always been a draw, but after destroying a heli years back after one take-off attempt I have just steered clear, until now. I have ordered a Syma X5C-1, as a learner drone with thoughts of eventually stepping into FPV racing- we shall see. Anyhow, the package ordered- drone, replacement props, and batteries should arrive this weekend, 4 August. Looking forward to being a community member here and learning as much as possible. As soon as the drone arrives I intend on following the beginners steps from the coaching page and learning the basics and progressing. Thanks for reading.