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  1. As a rookie UAV pilot, 'and no I will not go fetch a gallon bucket of prop wash', I find that learning to fly this thing is about as scary-fun as anything I have ever done. Have had two minor, slow motion crashes since unboxing it, and we have learned that a 50' radius is about the minimum for launch area when the morning desert breeze arises. So this craft is supposed to have a max. altitude of 1,600 feet above launch elevation ? I am not even presently comfortable flying at 40 feet above me on my residential street, but have broken 125 feet in altitude out in the desert east of Vegas, and
  2. @Alan Perlman Probably going to have to be next year....CFO and Big Boss said I had already spent my allowance on Photoshop World, and one world was enough this year......lol. Hey, at least I was not in the dog house (literally as we have a BIG dog) for plunking down a grand on the drone and stuff . I appreciate the heads-up. Thanks.
  3. I have even heard of them doing stills of the interiors with the drone being hand-held or set on a counter. There is no substitute for talent or mucho experience when it comes to getting the most out of a property. It really comes down to planning and preparation and visualizing the shot long before camera or drone comes out of the bag. For me personally, I require a pre-shoot meeting just to nail down the final details, and I need to know what type of lighting I might need to add. For apartments, i can typically get by with what is in my Go Bag. I like the idea of being able to provide s
  4. New to drones but have been performing Commercial Real Estate photography for over a decade in Nevada, Arizona, California, Washington and Alaska. Recently purchased a Phantom 3 Pro, and have been getting my 'feet wet' so to speak. Never had any type of aviation certification from the Feds, though back in the day, as an enlisted man, I had my Air Crew wings in the Navy. Also, never piloted a craft until now, but sure jumped/rappelled out of more than enough perfectly good craft to know what not to do, and we all spent our time playing the Flight Sims when they first came out. I want to add