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  1. Thanks for all your help. I"m getting the IPAD mini 2.
  2. I keep on getting a "no signal" message on the DJI app and then it disconnects. Then for a few seconds it comes back on again and then same issue. The P3P is flashing green and it is talking to the RC. I used it yesterday with no problems at all. The firmware on the drone is up to date and the app is 2.9. I'm also using an Android (Turbo 2) Thanks
  3. Thanks for the advice! That would be a major issue.
  4. I forgot to ask. Is the amount of RAM important?
  5. Thanks Brett. I'm only using it for flying so I guess the 3 makes more sense price wise.
  6. I"m flying the Phantom 3 Professional with an Android phone and it's way to small. I know there's a list of different tablets and I'm looking into the ipad mini 4. Any suggestions on the best tablet or the most popular one for P3P? Thanks, Michael Skolnik
  7. Can u recommend any great user groups in NY? Thanks!
  8. Thanks. I'm new to aerial photography also but it you have questions about the broadcast industry just let me know and I'll try answer to the best of my knowledge.
  9. My name is Michael Skolnik of Sky Fly Images. My background is as an editor/camerman for various television shows and networks in the NY,NJ and Conn area. Presently I own a video company shooting and editing weddings,sweet sixteens,sports and now I expanded to aerial work. I've been working on The People's Court television show for the last 20 years in the video department and some of my past jobs were for Madison Square Garden and MSNBC.