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  1. Thanks Alan! I am sole operator flying a P4Pro. My needs are two-fold: determining airspace and logging my hours. I am always flying VLOS at relatively low altitudes. I will take a look at your list. Here is a one of my 4 minute car videos with only 8 seconds (but critical) of my drone work. sid
  2. Hi there, I have been using Skyward software for the past year. It is time for renewal and wondering if there is better software for the dollar? Comments?
  3. hi there, I live downtown Toronto. I just replaced my P4 with a P4Pro+. I have my US Part 107 and my Canadian Standing SFOC. I am looking for a safe and interesting place to practice flying without driving too far from downtown. Suggestions? Thx.
  4. Yes, I do have the most current software and firmware on both RC and the Aircraft. I solved the problem by moving to a different room in my home and then everything worked. Perhaps the signals were jumbled and the units were not getting a clear signal hit in the first room.
  5. Hi there, Just upgraded to a P4Pro+. I am having trouble with the Remote Control Unit: 1) I power up the RC unit and the light stays red and emits a loud audible tone. 2) I power up the aircraft and my DJI app says connected and Ready to Fly. 3) I go into settings and calibrate the RC unit. The app says power off the aircraft. 4) I power off the aircraft and calibrate (follow instructions for moving joy sticks) the RC in settings and the red light/sound stops. 5) Power up the aircraft and the green light is now on in the control unit and the app says Ready to Fly 6) I turn off the aircraft and power down the RC unit. 7) I turn the RC unit on and the problem persists (See Step 1 Above) I am doing this set up in my apartment without propeller blades. I am hesitant to take it out to fly until I can solve this problem. DJI support is not available today(Sunday May 21 and Yesterday, Saturday May 20) Suggestions:
  6. The fines look very steep. I do have aviation liability insurance (from Canada) which is good in the US and oversees provided I inform the company of my plans.
  7. Hi There, I am taking a vacation to southern France, primarily spending time in the countryside, 43°59'27.019"N 5°33'22.808"E Chateau de Simiane-la-Rotone. I will be flying for fun only. I have my FAA 107 and my Standing SFOC (Canada). I am using the skyward maps for defining airspace in order to avoid restricted areas which are easy to find on skyward. Does anyone have any other experience with flying there and other safety issues? sid
  8. Yes, I will let you know. It seems surprising considering many people use a Mac tablet/phone.
  9. To date, I have not found a simulator where I can use my DJI P4 controller plugged into my Mac. There are other controllers that can be used with software that will have a similar feel but not the same.
  10. Hello, I live in Toronto and the winter weather is not conducive to year round flying. I would like to practice with a simulator using my Mac Computer and P4 controller without having to go through an Xbox or Play Station. Any suggestions for Flight Simulator software?
  11. Agreed. I was just getting frustrated.
  12. Thanks... I have one of these and it does not work that well. I have noticed many of the reviews for anti-glare film are quite weak. I saw a suggestion of putting a towel over the unit and your head in really difficult light. My 6s Plus is a brighter screen. I think the problem really stems form old iPad mini.. s
  13. Hi There, I am flying a DJI Phantom 4 and alternating between my old iPad Mini 2 and New 6s Plus iPhone. Can anyone recommend Anti-Glare Film that works well?