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  1. Solved my own problem. I had flown straight overhead the point of interest with camera pointed straight down, but to complete the setup I needed to then back away from POI and change the camera angle more forward facing, then I was able to do that sweeping 360 pan that looks so smooth and pretty when the sun is setting and you get some JJ Abrams lens flare.
  2. You're a few steps ahead of me but when the time come I probably plan to take commercial prep course that Alan offers. I'm flying blind when it comes to this FAA stuff but I intend to be fully compliant and offer my services to area businesses. I would be interested in hearing how it goes with you and your thoughts on the exam.
  3. So last night I am out shooting a local riding stable-- really beautiful setup and perfect sunset weather, and the P4 point of interest mode won't engage. It was my first time using it and watched some tutorials and it seemed pretty straight forward. Go high, aim camera straight down at focal point, and then set the rotation speed and distance on the slider, but the slider wouldn't budge. The drone is sitting there a 200ft while I am pawing at my cell phone with my oversize fingers and I wasted 2-3 minutes of battery trying to get it work. Finally I just did the thing manually but it wasn't nearly as smooth as it would have been using POI. Any thoughts?
  4. Hey Scott, thanks for the reply. I did some more research at DJI, watched some videos and recalibrated the gimble. I took it up last night for some sunset fun and it looked much improved but still not quite where I want it. I will try your method today and see if I can't get her to fly right. Shooting a riding stable tomorrow if the weather cooperates. Should be fun.
  5. I should probably also mention that when I first set the drone to setup I didn't take the camera travel brace off of the camera so the little gimble motors were clicking against resistance for a few seconds. Don't know if that would effect anything.
  6. Thanks, Alan. I'm really not bitching about the registration and intend to be 100% compliant, possibly even looking into a commercial license. It's just a knee jerk reaction to blame Obama for everything.
  7. To further complicate things, apparently on August 29 they are making further rule changes to muddy the water. I blame Obama.
  8. Hey, this probably a super noob question but I got my first drone last week, a Phantom 4 and I am loving it. (I've actually been involved with RC since the 1980s so not totally green) I've been noticing that when I reach around 300ft alt and pan the camera up to the horizon line that it is very pitched. It has happened in everything I have shot so far. When doing straight down overhead shots it isn't noticeable and when the drone is in forward flight it seems to straighten out. If I hover at altitude and do a slow 360 pan of the horizon, it wonks to the right. Is this a gimble trim setting that I need to address? Thanks!
  9. I'm in the same boat--new Phantom 4 and learning about regs. You must register your drone with the FAA and then buy stickers to put on the drone stating it is registered. Commercial license appears much tougher. Must fill out application and get approved. As you are Canadian it may complicate the process. Not sure. Visit FAA website and try to make sense of it. It's not real clear in parts.