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  1. Took my test on Sept. 12th and got my license in the mail yesterday Nov. 5th.
  2. Mine hasn't shown up in the mail yet but as of this morning, IACRA is showing my certificate. Should be any day now.
  3. I wonder if it would be possible to get a "Blanket" waiver for airspace that could cover possible flights. I've been doing real estate photos and a large portion of homes will fall within class D airspace. The request form says you can choose the time of the first flight and last if multiple flights will take place. It'd be great if we could request say a 3 month period where we could potentially fly.
  4. I use They have apps that integrate with DJI Go as well as Litchi and others and will automatically sync to the web . Logs more than time in the air including battery stats, route trace and images . Basic but very capable account is free .
  5. Did you ever get a reply on this?
  6. Crazy but i bet the guy at greentoe could have gotten it anyway. Glad you got one anyway though. I ran out of daylight last night by the time I got home but got the batteries charged and firmware updated. Taking it for my maiden flight tonight.
  7. I went through They negotiate with resellers but can't tell you which one you're buying from until the deal is done. In my case, it was Adorama that they made the deal with.
  8. You might try Adorama directly but don't know if they'd deal. If not, got it for me and apparently they have some sort of arrangement with different resellers to get better deals. They probably wouldn't like me giving away the reseller name though. On another note, I think it was where I saw that someone offered $949 for a Phantom 4 and it was accepted. The package deal wasn't listed but I offered $1259 for that deal and they got it for me. Can't wait to fly this baby.
  9. Ed, it arrived today from Adorama. Definitely all DJI products. 3 port hub, 2 extra batteries, and DJI Phantom 4.
  10. I would hope so. In my case, a class D airport covers a vast majority of the area and I imagine that real estate shoots, for example, would come up regularly and even having to wait 30 days would be way too long.
  11. If applying for airspace authorization, how long does it take to get that approval? I know a waiver can take up to 90 days so I hope it wouldn't take that long to get authorization to fly in a particular airspace.
  12. Prices are slowly moving down. Here was the deal I got: Phantom 4 for $999 2 extra Batteries for $85 each 3 Port Charging hub for $90 Total of $1,259
  13. Just got order confirmation from the reseller. It's Adorama in my case. Can't wait.
  14. Kind of a buying service (think Priceline for hotels) for photo equipment. They don't name resellers until you get the item (don't want to cut themselves out of the deal I'm sure) but guaranteed that items are brand new from DJI authorized reseller with full warranty. 30 day return policy. I went ahead and ordered and will let you know the results.
  15. Found a deal on a Phantom 4 with 3 batteries and a charging hub for 3 batteries. Has anyone found a cheaper deal?