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  1. Thanks for your response Alan! Greatly appreciate the resources for Canadian certification. I have responded to @Hummingbird Aerials and will also check out Clarion.
  2. Great to see Canadians on this site! I am a teacher educator in Winnipeg looking to infuse drone technology into my curriculum. First, I need to become a drone certified pilot. What is the procedure? My son is a licenced pilot and aircraft engineer so I have a 'personal trainer' along the way. Do you have resources for obtaining training online? Thanks for your help.


  3. Hello everyone, I am a teacher educator in Winnipeg, Canada with a new drone! I am looking to connect to other educators at all/any levels of education to explore innovative uses of drones for teaching and learning. Drones are termed as 'disruptive technologies' in education that provide opportunities for creativity and innovation. I'm looking forward to connecting and sharing. I am lucky to have a son who is an acrobatic pilot and aircraft engineer who can help me study certifications such as CARS and other requirements as I am looking to become a certified drone pilot in Canada. #eyeshigh Eva