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    Hey GMillsNC, thanks for paying attention to my work. There will soon others orthomosaics from La Cité de Carcassonne . Cheers, Guillaume
  2. Hello, My name is Guillaume and I'm a french student and freelancer in geomatics, more exactly in close-range photogrammetry and land surveying using UAV. I'm here to meet UAV pilots and see how you guys work in the US ! I've already been involved in creating some orthomosaics for archaeologists ... Like this french castle's tower projected on cylinder. (here is the orthomosaic and here is the DSM) or working agronomists to monitor some vineyard parcel ( extract precise & accurate height, create NDVI map with calibrated camera ... ). Please, don't hesitate to contact me, i'm really enthusiastic to discuss about photogrammetry, UAV and GIS !