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  1. Sure, yeah, its really weird. Thats a good idea to have him check some older photos and see whats there. Thanks!
  2. We have a pilot that has flown a communications tower for us and he is using a P4P and DJIGo 4. When we receive his files all the GPS information is gone. He is sending us the .jpg files straight from his SD Card on his Mac. He is not processing the files at all and shows a flight pattern in his flight log yet no GPS on the photos. All the other information is there but no GPS. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. @Av8Chuck no worries sir. Unfortunately I get quite a bit of feedback from pilots that question the validity of our project and/or company. I am in central time and will have some time tomorrow afternoon after about 3:30 Central. I'll send you the contact number. Thanks!
  4. Av8Chuck, Thank you so much for your candor and I can assure you this is not a scam, ask the forum owner Alan if he is familiar with Helo Perspective. Also, thank you for your experience and your knowledge as this industry needs that more and more. Broadcast towers are indeed different then typical cell towers and introduce some very challenging components. We are working through that now to understand it better and hope that we can get enough feedback from professionals such as your self to make this another service that we provide to our customers I would very much like to discuss this with you on the phone if your open to it and then possibly discuss you becoming part of our network. Thank you again for your words
  5. My company has been asked to provide a quote for broadcast tower inspections upwards of 1500’ AGL. Anyone have experience with this and how much we should charge? Best Equipment to use? thanks Jake
  6. Question for all. Any thoughts on getting my drone waterproofed? If it could be done where it didn't effect performance in any way would you do it? Im thinking that it would be nice to have when Im trying to get that last job done and it starts to sprinkle or rain, it would be nice to be able to finish up knowing I wouldn't hurt the drone. Thoughts? Jake
  7. Matt, I would be happy to provide the letter as long as you keep me updated on the process with the school system. Obviously I believe that this is a viable option and I believe that technology like this will guide a good portion of the job market in the near future. I will get this to you asap. Thanks for reaching out! Jake Carey CEO Helo Perspective, LLC
  8. Your welcome. So far the response has been awesome. Here is a map of the current interest from Pilots. Hopefully we can add a bunch more!
  9. Helo Perspective is looking for interest in large structure inspection pilots. We are looking for experienced drone pilots that would like to fly 8-10 structures per week. Inspections would start mid-January. Compensation and specifics will be disclosed after a non-disclosure is signed. Must be FAA Part 107 certified, have general liability insurance minimum of $1 million, a Phantom 4 or equivalent equipment, and reliable transportation and communication. This is a serious inquiry. Serious responses only. Your information will be confidential and we will only contact you in reference to this inquiry. This is nation wide inquiry. Please click here to fill out the interest form. http://www.heloperspective.com/employment Thank you, Jake Carey Helo Perspective, LLC
  10. Man it should be soon. It took a full 2 months before I got mine. I was starting to get a little bit aggravated for sure. Let us know when you get it for sure!
  11. IACRA has issued my permanent license! I guess I need to start watching the mail!!!
  12. I spoke with an FAA representative about that very issue and he said that right now they are working on a certain ceiling for anyone wanting to fly no matter the airspace (there will still be SOME restrictions). You would have to request a waiver but if you agree to stay under 100' AGL (or whatever ceiling they determine) then the waiver is automatically granted for the time period you request. He said that is what is in the works right now. Jake
  13. Still nothing for me. I took the test on the 2nd
  14. Okay, well, I was on the 2nd so hopefully I'll have mine soon as well. Can you let us know when you get it in the mail?