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  1. Antonio, Where is this?. Looks like some height and distance filming. Nice timing with your cuts.
  2. Yes very nice. Are you working with the fire department? What did that take to do?
  3. will take waivers. What is your experience with the waiver timeline?
  4. Christian, So, flying three different birds. Do you see continuity in your footage in post production? I'll run your footage and see if I can actually detect the different drone cameras. I would think they have slightly different camera specs. It's so awesome that you can get the NY city skyline footage. I'm working on shooting Drone footage for the Bob Hope Airport just 12 miles from here. They are using expensive helicopters for marketing footage. It's just that the P4 can get better footage for their purposes.
  5. Hi Christian, I'm back after a spell of several months. I don't believe all reels are Drone footage? Is there a theme? I didn't catch it. Which Drone were you flying? The dancers outside the building are crazy...would seem better suited to be filmed with a Drone than some of the footage I have seen done from below the subjects. RG
  6. Hi Jack, I have looked at your video but when I go to dropbox now it says it can;t be viewed but downloaded. So I'll go by memory. MY first impression was the color saturation. Looked as if it was shoot in RAW footage like a camera DNG file. You can see Christian commented on the color saturation. Be interested to know your Drone video settings. Are you flying a P4? Opening section would be nice to have some fadein/fadeout text stating the Lighthouse name, location, etc. so the subject matter is clear. Suggestion would be to add transitions/events between your edits. Even a simple cross fade would be a nice impact. Start developing your branding to use for your work. Intro's and exits to your work, like logo, slogan, hip video background and then on the exit your logo and contact credentials, etc. Did you use "Point of Interest" flying in any of your footage? Nice work. RG
  7. Jack, I received an email with your post [below] but when I click on the link to the Forum I don't see it. I'm looking forward to Christians response but in the meantime I found this helpful: "Cool I tried it and it worked really well. I feel like I need to put some music to the video first before I start making these cuts. I have a Spotify account but I am not very good at navigating through it. I just type in "royalty free music" and go from there. @Christian Tuccican you give me some insight on how you pick songs? " ---------------------------------------------------- This is in the Cinematography Forum Free Music Resource for Your Videos 1 2 By Eric Matyas, 16 May Hi everyone, I've created about 900 tracks of music and sound effects that you can freely use in your videos. It's all original...all my own work. All I ask is to be attributed in the video as described on my homepage: http://soundimage.org/
  8. Jack, Yes you answered my question. I was wondering if you were doing a video category i.e. real estate, event, etc.
  9. Jack, Looking forward to the new footage. What's your subject matter?
  10. Bert, That's great news. You have some great footage. Would like to see your latest work? Especially anything after Christians input. Going to launch my Drone business this month here in Burbank, CA. Any tips on how you acquired professional work?
  11. Oops!! Yes, yaw is on the left stick. Practice, practice, practice. Yaw left while climbing Yaw right while climbing Yaw left while descending Yaw right while descending Yaw left while flying left Yaw right while flying right Yaw right while flying right Yaw left while flying left etc, etc, and film all these in a smooth, cinematic feel. Practice while going forward and then backward also. these will hone your flying skills. Christian, you'l make a pilot out of me yet.
  12. "To pan the camera to the left as it spirals down to the right? " correct to emulate your shoot. However you need some forward thrust also on the right stick. So forward and left combo to produce a forward/Yaw while descending [left stick down] in just the right combination to produce your flight characteristics while adjusting the camera angle to center on the top of the lighthouse. " Can the Phantom 4 yaw while going up and down? " Yes. Left stick up or down and apply left on right stick. One may argue that this is "rotation" rather than "Yaw"? Good question though [I'm only a Drone pilot]
  13. Absolutely, on Light Room. It's one of it's main purposes is to Catalog/library photos, videos, etc. for easy retrieval by keyword search, titles, etc. Do a day of shooting with your Drone. Stick the disks in your computer and import into Lightroom. You can assign meta info to each photo and can Catalog that days shoot or even break up into client buckets and assign a catalog for each client containing all their photos and videos, time stamped, searchable, etc. It's all up to you how you want to create your libraries. Lightroom easily provides all these resources. Same kind of thing that Christian is doing in Final Cut. Paula, you can do basic video editing in PhotoShop now and then easly import into Lightroom. If you find Premiere Pro challenging then use the latest version of PhotoShop. You can do a descent video with it.
  14. Appears the video is speed up some in Final Cut? You could get this shot with a Phantom 4 but would take left stick down, right stick "left" and your finger on the camera "Gimbal dial" and some steady, small incremental movements on all three, as you descend on the Lighthouse... Sound right, Christian? Jack use "Point of Interest" at various distances and altitudes and you'll get some great footage. If you want to to follow Christian's flying then do a lot of pre-practice. A lot. Find a tall flagpole to practice on.