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  1. Hi Everyone, RTV Virtual Tour Company has a couple of upcoming webinars that you might be interested in. If you are providing on the ground photography as well as aerial drone photography, you know how hard it is to make an empty room look good and you likely also know how expensive professional staging can be. RTV offers a virtual staging solution that can help bridge the gap between an empty room and an expensive staging bill. Read more about our upcoming virtual staging webinar and register here: https://www.realtourvision.com/2018/01/formula-83-become-virtual-staging-expert/ Secondly, the national photography agency side of our business has an informational webinar coming up on February 27th at 7:00pm EST. We are actively selling aerial drone photography to many of our national clients and we are bringing in new clients all the time. If you are interested in learning more about shooting for RTV's Tour Track program please visit this page to learn more and sign up: https://www.realtourvision.com/2018/02/image-60-tour-track-2018/ We hope you can join us.
  2. Thank you for your insight Jay. I have heard some folks who are vehemently opposed to do anything for free. They feel it detracts from their perceived value in the long term. I don't subscribe to that point of view myself. Of course, you can't give your services away forever, but sometimes it takes a little bit extra to get your foot in the door.
  3. We have had difficulty getting an affordable editing service that will provide the quality we need. Most of the easily found editing services are just running the images through HDR software. I can bulk process my own and match that quality. It would be nice to find a service that would be willing to hand blend at a reasonable price.
  4. Thank you Alan, We enjoy working with you on these.
  5. I agree that the approach you mention is a good approach, but the state of the realtor's relationship with their media company shouldn't be assumed, If the big producer needs a property shot right away and their current provider is booked there could be a door open. If their current provider is a little bit lazy in their business practices there is another possible opening. There are also plenty of realtors out there who simply need to be made aware of the value high-end photography/videography bring to the table. That being said you mentioned that you would not recommend "only chasing the big fish". That I agree with, but I feel photographers should be actively seeking out those opportunities.
  6. I know it has been a few months and many new members have joined this community since then. If you have had a chance to check out the webinar that UAVCoach and RTV hosted in June, you won't want to miss it.
  7. Welcome Chris. What industry to you provide your services in?
  8. Welcome Dave. Feel free to ask questions, there are some very knowledgable folks here.
  9. I like this idea. I typically suggest reaching out to the higher producers as they are more likely to see the value and be willing to pay for the service, then the other realtors will often follow suit. If I wasn't able to get in the door with the bigger producers this would be a nice new angle to take. Thank you for the input.
  10. Hi Everyone, I just wondered what tips you might have on how to sell your services. I hear from a lot of folks that this is one of the hardest things for them to do when they get started in the business. Do you suggest they offer discounted or a free shoot, or do you feel that will detract from their value in the long run? What has worked best for you when it comes to closing deals? Thanks!
  11. I Agree, AV8Chuck. The good thing is a photography is a very learnable endeavor. It is, of course, a challenge to learn new things while you are trying to run a business. Realtors like to have one person who can provide them with everything. JBR I believe you are in a high-end market. Do you hire employees who are photographers, or work with 1099 subcontractors?
  12. Hi Everyone, I am asked about drone insurance all the time ( I work with drone operators across the US and Canada). What insurance do you suggest? Has anyone used the on demand insurance and had to place a claim? How did that go for you?