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  1. Great advice Jonathon. If you are offering video, stills and possibly 360 panos you can look at a virtual tour software. You can make great presentations for both selling yourself and as a way to put all three elements into one presentation. In full disclosure, my company is a virtual tour software company, but I honestly think you will find the software to be helpful. If you aren't currently offering on the ground still images, you really should consider it. If the virtual tour software is something you would like to check out, you can try it for free here: http://manage.realtourvision.com/trial.php?refid=54324&p=v+s+p+sp+ or visit realtourvision.com for more information. Thanks!
  2. Stick with it Mike! If the market is hot in your area like it is in many places it can be trickier. Stay positive, keep networking and don't give up. You will break through!
  3. Hi Everyone, Thank you for your emails! We have several responses for each market. I think we are probably good now. We are looking to expand our national photography side of the business into offering aerial footage across the US and Canada. We will be on the look out for more pilots as more opportunity comes up.
  4. Hi everyone, My company has the possibility of drone shoots in some areas we don't have coverage. We will need about one minute of finished footage and the payout would be between $200 and $250. We are specifically looking for help in Clemson, South Carolina, Waco, Texas and Norman, Oklahoma. Please pm me or email me at jstring@realtourvision.com if you are interested.
  5. Welcome Rod. Glad to have you on board.
  6. Excellent suggestion! Find the high producers who understand the value and other agents will typically follow. You won't be able to convince them all, but I think you will find you won't want the hassle working with the super frugal agents anyway. Typically MLS boards will invite their affiliate members (those who are selling services to realtors) to some networking events and you may even get a contact list of all their members.
  7. Part of the secret is to find the realtors who understand that it takes money to make money. They are generally the high producers and the up and comers. Get in the door with them. Typically other agents will begin to follow suit to keep up. Bundling services such as standard photography and virtual tours along with drone work can help you sell them on the value and raise your average order income.
  8. I can certainly offer some help in the real estate market. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. One thing I can tell you that you may not realize, is that agents need photos from the ground as well for the MLS board. Most drone operators realize they need to offer standard photography services and most photographers quickly realize they are missing out if they aren't offering drone photography. If you aren't a traditional photographer you may want to start looking into it, or find a photographer to work with.
  9. Hi fullimmersion, I haven't taken the course but I have heard of lots of people who have passed the FAA exam on the first go after doing the drone pilot ground school. I have not heard of anyone who hasn't passed coming out of that program. I doubt they would shout it from the rooftop if they did.
  10. Not to mention you will be able to charge more (after you have thoroughly explained the difference of course).
  11. It is definitely tough to fight after an ordinance has been put into place. At that point I guess I would do everything I can to change things at public meetings and then begin reaching out to my state/national representatives. Who has that kind of time when we are trying to make a living right? Good luck!
  12. Great article Alan. Thanks for sharing. I don't like to be the one on the cutting edge of challenging legal issues, at least not when I find myself having to defend my actions. I think the key it to keep an eye on your local municipalities and fight it before a law is enacted is the way to go. It doesn't matter how right you are, being arrested or fighting with local government after they have deemed you to be in violation of their ordinances isn't much fun.
  13. The music seems a bit heavy handed to me for being geared toward marketing yourself in the real estate field. It feels overly dramatic to me. I would personally go with music more light and airy, but that is just my initial reaction. Visually the video is appealing.
  14. Hi Jonathan, Welcome to UAV Coach
  15. Welcome Ndroll. Are you planning on flying for fun or for work?
  16. Hi Smokdup, Welcome to UAV Coach. If you have any questions about the Real Estate market I am happy to help any way I can. Just tag me if there is anything I might be able to help you with.