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  1. I heard that Orlando recently passed local ordinances regarding UAV use, and I heard rumors of other communities considering the same. I can see why they might want to have rules in place, but that could really muddy the waters of legality depending on where you are. What are your thoughts? http://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2017/01/24/orlando-passes-new-drone-ordinance-effective-immediately
  2. Hi Gary, I work with Realtors and Photographers across the US. I have not heard of one so far who have failed the exam after taking the UAV Coach course. In fact, there have been several people passed that surprised me. Not that they aren't intelligent enough, they just are not tech savvy on any level. That alone sold me on the value of the course.
  3. Our local college has several options. I would guess there is a college near you as well. They have certifications and degrees. I would do some searching and see what you can find out. If you would like to look into what they offer in my area you can read them here: https://www.nmc.edu/programs/academic-programs/aviation/uas-courses.html
  4. Hi Braisy, Welcome to the forums. I will leave the advice to the more experienced pilots. I am new at it as well. I picked up a very small drone that I can practice with indoors. It is a cheap radio shack model ($60-$70). It has taught me a lot so far. I think if I didn't live in the great white north I might have started with a bigger one, but i am happy with what I have and I don't have to fly in -20-degree weather to practice. All though I did have to climb onto my roof to retrieve it when my daughter decided to practice outside without my permission.
  5. Welcome. Do you have an industry in mind you would like to work in?
  6. Welcome to UAV Coach Corey. Thank you for your service.
  7. Welcome to UAV Coach Surudad.
  8. Welcome... Very similar here. I bought my first drone after buying one for my daughter.
  9. Welcome to the forums! I work with photographers and Realtors who take their own photos and videos every day. If you are looking for a solution to create a presentation with all of your media in one platform I can help. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me
  10. Welcome Rustyflyer. We are in the same boat. i am practicing with a small indoor drone. When the eternal winter here in Michigan ends and I have had some more time to practice, I will look at trying out a big boy drone.
  11. Welcome Gord. I will let the more experienced pilots give you advice on gear. Thanks for joining the forums.
  12. Welcome. I will leave the drone advice to the more experienced pilots. If you have any real estate photography questions I am your guy.
  13. Welcome Jon. Your business experience will be a huge help with your transition. I look forward to reading your posts.
  14. Congratulations and welcome to the forums.
  15. Hi Laylow. Welcome to UAV Coach
  16. Welcome and thank you for your service!
  17. Hi Susan, welcome to UAV Coach. I work with Real Estate photographers and Realtors on a daily basis. I am newer to the drone world, but if you have any questions about Real Estate Photography or Virtual Tours, I will be happy to help.