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  1. Welcome to the forum Brian. I will let the more experienced drone operators give you advice on which models to choose. There is a lot of great information here so I am sure you will get some great suggestions.
  2. Welcome Ed. You've come to the right place, there is a lot of great advice to be found here.
  3. Welcome to the forums and thank you for your service!
  4. That sounds great. From my experience, Realtors need more than just aerial images and footage. Typically drone operators will need to pair with or start taking stills/video inside the homes as well. I help people get into the real estate photography business every day. If I can be of any help please don't hesitate to ask.
  5. Do you have an industry in mind that you would like to offer drone services for?
  6. Hi Hacktorious, The best way to determine how much to charge is to figure out what your goal income for the year is, add in your expenses then divide by 52 to figure out what you need to make each week to make that number. Decide how many shoots you feel you would like to do during a given week. Next, divide your expenses by the number of shoots. That will get you in the ballpark. If you feel the number you come up with isn't feasible then you need where you are able to compromise to get that number in line. As a photographer, I agree with what a lot of what Flagship Photo said for rights. Realtors will pay for shoots (yes they often compromise and use cell phone photos etc) but it is your job to convince them of the value. Typically you will find a handful of high-producing realtors that understand the value and will pay, and a lot of realtors that aren't big producers that are hesitant or outright refuse to pay. Often times the less producing realtors will follow the big producers lead eventually but not always. In my experience Realtors are not too keen on having to worry about copywrites and such. I would go so far as to say they disregard any concerns the majority of the time. Remember they are your customers, so you have to find a compromise that will give them what they want but pay you what you deserve, or decide not to work with them. Many photographers work up an agreement giving the Realtor rights to use the images pretty much however they would like, but you will want to be sure you retain ownership and the right to use for your portfolio. The biggest complaint I hear is a photographer doing work for Realtor A, then when Realtor A loses the listing Realtor B just takes the images and uses them. Obviously, that doesn't quite seem fair to the photographer. You will have to inform the Realtors of your policies up front, let your clients know the policies prior to the shoot and then pick your battles when it comes to protecting your rights. You can fight for the principle of the matter but you might find yourself without clients pretty quickly. I am confident that won't sit well with many photographers and ultimately it is up to you. I will say clients who understand the value you bring will be the most willing to pay fairly for your work and are typically willing to work within your parameters. The clients who consistently try to talk you down on price are more likely to complain and be difficult to work with. I hope that helps.
  7. Hi Jason, Welcome to the forums. What industry do you primarily work in?
  8. Welcome to the forums
  9. Welcome to the forums!
  10. Welcome to the forums. If you are looking for a way to display your stills, videos and panoramas together give me shout. My company has an excellent virtual tour solutions for photographers and Realtors.
  11. Hi Chris, It may be a good idea to create a map of your area that shows where the airspace restrictions are, and how long of a delay can be expected depending on which air space they are in. This would be a great resource to provide your regular clients, and they would see your branding each time they referred to it keeping your business at the top of their mind. It would also be a really great resource to put on your website and share on social media. I would bet it would generate significant traffic on your site as people look for your services and maybe get you some back links which is very important for SEO. Yes your competitors might use it (make sure your branding is on it), but if you are the first one to get it out there it helps establish you as the local expert.