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  1. I would say after reading this thread and talking to a number of photographers the Osmo seems to be a very popular option for this.
  2. I know several photographers that like to pre-sell shoots and do so at a discounted price (in the real estate market). They will often do something like pre-pay for 5 shoots and get the sixth for free. It is a great strategy to generate some income during a typically slow time of year. It also keeps your customers committed to you (at least as long as they still have paid shoots waiting out there).
  3. If you are interested in a software that would allow you to deliver a very nice presentation with still photos, hd video and interactive panorama let me know or click on the link in my signature to learn more. We work with real estate photographers across the world, and we offer a ton of features that really appeal to realtors and business alike.
  4. Very nice. How did you get the rocks to spin like that. The music and sound was excellent as well.
  5. Welcome Wrongway. Have you thought about using your photography/drone skills in the real estate market?
  6. Is anyone offering any special holiday deals or specials to generate business for early next year?
  7. Not how I drive... HI Jonathan - Welcome to the forums. Do you fly mostly for fun or as part of a business?
  8. Greeting from Michigan! Welcome to the forums.
  9. Hi Hueyple, Welcome to the forums. I am interested in racing too. There is a local group in my town who do it, but I haven't gotten involved yet. It sounds like a lot of fun.
  10. I have heard of folks using small drones inside of homes, but using a DSLR on a gimbal is much more common and will give you the most creative options. Realtors will need still photos to submit to the MLS board anyway so a good camera is pretty logical investment. I am finding most RE photographers are finding they need to offer drone services, and many drone photographers are finding they need to offer stills and multimedia presentations.
  11. There is no such thing as too old,,, Welcome to the forums.
  12. Sounds good Quazar. I am here to answer any questions you have.