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  1. Hi Jono welcome to the forum
  2. I can give some suggestions for breaking into real estate photography. Let me know if you have any questions. You can check out my companies website as well: http://www.realtourvision.com/uav-coach.html
  3. Hi Karirwi, In the US we suggest our photographers get liability and equipment insurance. Also we see lots of Real Estate Photographers who realize they need to offer drone services and drone pilots who realize they need to offer still imagery. I would suggest looking into good photo and UAV gear. I will let the drone experts advise you on good places to start for UAV technology. For still photography/ground video I would suggest Canon or Nikon (there are other good cameras but these two are the most common) and a wider angled lens say a 10-20 or 16-35 ish. You will also want to look into Adobe suite of software. When you want to combine the video and photography together I would suggest looking into virtual tour software. My company offers this software. Photographers across the world use it and you can try it out for free when you are ready. http://www.realtourvision.com/uav-coach.html Please ask any additional questions you may have. I am in touch with folks starting real estate photography business everday. Cheers Jay
  4. Mostly DSLR with stabilizers. I have seen a few who are using smaller UAV's but there is obviously inherent risks. I don't know which models of UAV's offhand. I will see if I can dig up some intel.
  5. Welcome to the forum Henry. Are you looking to fly commercially or just for fun?
  6. I have been looking at smaller drones to practice with. I will check out the Holy Stone. Thanks! If you have any questions on the real estate market please don't hesitate to ask. I work closely with photographers in that field.
  7. Welcome HJ. I have seen video walk through of houses that have been made with smaller UAV's. That might be a skill worth perfecting.
  8. The local college in my area offers hands on classes. I would check with your local college and see what they have to offer.
  9. Hi Rick Are you looking to learn aerial photography only, or photography in general? I can give you a lot of information on standard photography. I am by no means an aerial photo expert, more of an enthusiast though. Welcome to the forums Jay
  10. Welcome Dispatchdog
  11. Not a problem. Reach out to me at jstring@realtourvision.com when you have your certification. Good luck!
  12. One option would be to start a business offering, real estate photography, drone videos, video walk throughs and virtual tours. Even if you don't have a background in photography it can be learned, and you can certainly hire others to shoot while you are learning. I have seen a lot of folks who are new to photography start a successful business. You could hire a still photographer as a subcontractor to do you still photos while you are learning yourself. Most folks in that industry find there is demand for multiple services. Drone videos are awesome but they still need interior photos etc. It can be competitive depending on where you are but there is always a need for photography.
  13. Hi Checkenhoss, Welcome to the forum. My company has real estate photographers all over the country. I have connections with photographers in Witchita and Kansas City. If you were interested I would be happy to put you in touch with those who aren't offering drone services if you get your Par 107 certificate and maybe you could work with them and add to their current offerings. Just let me know if that interests you.
  14. Hi Aquarion75, Welcome to the forums. Drone footage is really big Real Estate marketing right now. Is that something you have considered before?